Mikey North

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: British

Born: September 27, 1986 (29)

The actor will begin filming at the Weatherfield soap in September. 'Coronation Street' casts Jimi Mistry The aftermath of the Corrie surrogacy storyline is revealed. Corrie's Tina to hit rock bottom? Chris Fountain admits that he feels emotionally invested in Tommy's situation. Corrie actor 'broody' after baby plot The storyline will reach a conclusion in the next few weeks. Corrie surrogacy plot ending revealed Michelle Keegan reveals why Tina may still give Gary and Izzy's baby back. Corrie star talks Tina's baby doubts We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Corrie baby, 'Oaks terror, E'dale scare Actress Debbie Rush thinks being a surrogate mother is hard. Corrie star has empathy for Tina Cherylee Houston and Ian Puleston-Davies are doing the 5:2 diet. Corrie stars take up fasting 5:2 diet Tina breaks Gary and Izzy's hearts in Coronation Street tonight. POTD: Corrie's Tina faces baby backlash The producers are determined to hang on to the cast. Corrie: Ten stars handed new contracts Cherylee Houston reveals what's in store as Tina vows to keep baby Jake. Corrie star: 'Izzy rages over Tina' We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Corrie Tina, Oaks attack, Enders punch Mikey North insists that Gary no longer has feelings for Tina. Corrie star: 'Gary mistake was one-off' Tina gets tough with Gary and Izzy in Coronation Street tonight. POTD: Corrie's Tina issues big ultimatum Cherylee Houston glad to have "meaty, character-led" material on screen. Corrie actress: 'Izzy role is a gift' Chris Fountain reveals how Tommy reacts when Tina wants to keep Izzy's baby. Corrie star on Tina's baby choice Tina wants to get Izzy and Gary back on speaking terms in Corrie tonight. POTD: Corrie's Tina plays peacemaker The Windass and Armstrong families clash over recent events on Corrie tonight. POTD: Corrie turmoil for Gary, Izzy Mikey North and Cherylee Houston discuss the upcoming surrogacy twists. Corrie's Gary, Izzy to fight for baby? Digital Spy chats to Coronation Street actress Cherylee Houston. Corrie star talks Izzy, Gary plot future Actress Cherylee Houston talks about Gary's betrayal. Corrie star: 'Izzy will be devastated' Tommy considers revealing Gary's secret after he makes a pass at Tina. Corrie star: 'Tommy wants revenge' Izzy has some tough questions for Gary in Coronation Street tonight. POTD: Corrie's Izzy confronts liar Gary Mikey North says Gary's kiss with Tina makes him realise what he wants. Corrie star: 'Gary wants Izzy' Tina's decision over her baby will cause several problems on Coronation Street. 'Corrie': Tina in shock baby decision Gary Windass actor doesn't enjoy filming "mushy" scenes. Corrie star: 'Gary became too nice' We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Corrie cheat, E'dale fire, 'Oaks arrests Izzy Armstrong actress says working with a baby will be "good fun". Corrie star 'loves' idea of on-screen baby He says he'd like to play the brother of Damian Lewis's character. Corrie's Mikey North wants Homeland role The barmaid will give birth to Gary and Izzy's baby early. Corrie's Tina to go into labour in Rovers Mikey North reveals he is not looking forward to becoming an on-screen dad. Corrie star dreading working with a baby Actor discusses Gary's growing interest in Tina. Corrie star: 'Gary could become obsessed' Chris Fountain believes that the Weatherfield pair can be happy together again. Corrie star backs Tommy, Tina future Tommy notices that Gary is developing feelings for Tina in future episodes. Corrie's Tommy to be uneasy over Gary Tina hasn't thought "far enough down the line" when it comes to her baby deal. Corrie star hints at surrogacy troubles Michelle Keegan says that Corrie's surrogacy storyline gets more complicated. Corrie's Gary gets feelings for Tina? Coronation Street actor thinks Katy has done the 'ultimate betrayal'. Corrie star reveals Katy, Ryan betrayal Georgia May Foote reveals Katy's reaction to Chesney's proposal. Corrie star teases proposal fallout Michelle Keegan changes her views due to Tina's ongoing storyline. Michelle Keegan rethinks surrogacy view Digital Spy catches up with Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan. Corrie star talks Tina's new baby dramas