N Dubz

"As long as people take me serious as a musician, that's all it comes down to." Dappy wants to do I'm a Celebrity The singer says she has grown as a person and artist over the last 12 months. Tulisa: 'New music coming very soon' The rapper tells Digital Spy that he is fully focused on his solo career. Fazer: 'N-Dubz reunion is just rumours' N-Dubz star is fined £800 over assault in Chelmsford on February 27. Dappy found guilty of assault The rapper is relaunching his solo career under his birth name Richard Rawson. Watch Wanted star in new Fazer's video Rapper is charged following an alleged incident outside an Essex nightclub. Dappy charged with assault The N-Dubz star will play a couple of shows in April. Dappy announces two London headline shows The rapper, real name Richard Rawson, filed court documents earlier this month. N-Dubz Fazer files for bankruptcy? The rapper is reportedly set to sign a £100,000 deal to star in Channel 5 show. Dappy to enter Celebrity Big Brother? The rapper said he isn't frustrated with his bandmates' recent arrests. Fazer: 'N-Dubz reunion depends on me' The singer appears in better spirits following her recent drugs arrest. Tulisa reunites with N-Dubz - pictures Tulisa Contostavlos's N-Dubz bandmate and former boyfriend speaks about her arrest. Fazer: 'Tulisa should have known better' An old friend of N-Dubz is apparently taking part in the reality show. Tulisa friend 'for Big Brother house' The rapper is teased at a rap contest over his ex-girlfriend's arrest. N-Dubz Fazer laughs off Tulisa jibes Our legal team explores the issues around the alleged drug deal. Tulisa 'drug deal' - legal Q&A The rapper had been found guilty of assault and affray. Dappy loses assault conviction appeal The US star says the singer's debut solo material is "good". Ne-Yo talks Tulisa cracking the US N-Dubz rapper denies reports he cried after hearing assault and affray sentence. Dappy: 'I didn't break down in court' Tulisa Contostavlos says the trio are still planning to re-band in the near future. N-Dubz to reunite despite Dappy trial The N-Dubz rapper was involved in an altercation at a petrol station. Dappy found guilty of affray and assault N-Dubz's girlfriend Ashley Emma is reportedly six months pregnant. Fazer to become a dad with glamour model The crown court trial of the N-Dubz star continues. Dappy pair spoke of 'selling story' The N-Dubz star is accused of common assault, assault by beating and affray. Dappy 'spat at two women' The N-Dubz rapper has been charged with affray over a petrol station fight last year. Dappy wears 'bad intentions' hat to court The musician says that a comeback for the trio is not imminent N-Dubz to reform in 2014? Tulisa's solo debut sorely lacks one key ingredient. Tulisa: 'The Female Boss' review The rapper reveals his movie writing ambitions. N-Dubz Fazer wants to score James Bond Fazer lays out his plans for a possible future reunion with N-Dubz. N-Dubz may sign to my label, says Fazer The acts are backed by the 80-piece BBC Symphony Orchestra. Stooshe, Tyler James for charity song Dappy and Fazer allegedly want to concentrate on their solo careers. N-Dubz decline Tulisa's pleas to reform? The N-Dubz star signs up for a 12-part series about his life and career. Dappy lands ITV2 reality show Fazer says he can't commit to a reunion in 2013 due to international plans. N-Dubz reunion 'won't happen next year' The hip-hop duo talk to DS about why they took a risk on X Factor. X Factor MK1 on Louis Walsh, credibility Dappy says he was "naughty" to send threatening texts to a Radio 1 caller in 2010. Dappy defends Radio 1 texts scandal Singer and supermodel photographed for the magazine by Mario Testino. Rihanna, Moss in joint 'Vogue' shoot The singer says they are each feeling lonely as solo artists. Tulisa confirms N-Dubz reunion for 2013 Digital Spy speaks to the controversial star about his debut solo album. Dappy interview: 'I've got to behave' It's difficult to deny his ear for a gargantuan pop melody. Dappy: 'Good Intentions' review The singer says she wants to prove herself as a solo artist. Tulisa: 'No.1 album not important' The singer says that fans are making it difficult for N-Dubz to reunite. Tulisa defends lack of Fazer promotion