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Nick Pickard

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: British

Born: April 16, 1975 (39)

Nick Pickard and James Sutton discuss their British Soap Award nominations. Hollyoaks stars want soap award success We catch up with Hollyoaks actress Alex Fletcher. Hollyoaks star on wedding, Katy tragedy Freddie finds a way to help Sinead in Hollyoaks next week. Hollyoaks: Freddie to blackmail Finn Diane may live to regret a decision to forgive her fiancé Tony. Hollyoaks: Wedding day drama for Diane No easy solutions on the way for the couple following their recent dispute. Hollyoaks star: Diane can't forgive Tony Kieron Richardson promises "a long journey" for his character. Hollyoaks lines up 'exciting' Ste stories Tony is determined to impress as he launches his new business. Hollyoaks Tony rages at Trevor - pictures Will Tony be drawn back into Trevor's dark world? Hollyoaks: Trevor makes offer to Tony Tony's restaurant ambitions lie in tatters during the Atwell's renovations. Hollyoaks pictures: Crisis for Tony Tony is forced to face the consequences of crossing Trevor. 'Hollyoaks': Gun danger for Tony Tony finds himself in hot water after trying to help Sam Lomax. 'Hollyoaks': New danger for Tony Tony fears that his dealings with The White Man aren't over. 'Hollyoaks' pictures: New shock for Tony Bad boy Trevor is back to his old tricks on Hollyoaks next week. 'Hollyoaks' trouble for Tony, Sinead We catch up with Nick Pickard following Tony's big week on Hollyoaks. 'Hollyoaks': Nick Pickard on Tony future It's a life-changing day for Tony on Hollyoaks tonight. POTD: 'Hollyoaks' special for Tony, Diane An upcoming episode reveals that the couple first met years ago. 'Hollyoaks': Special Tony, Diane scenes Mandy encourages Tony not to give up on life. Hollyoaks Later pictures: Tony sees Mandy The actor thinks it would be possible to write Kurt back into the show. Jeremy Edwards wants 'Hollyoaks' return Watch a video preview of Monday's Hollyoaks Later episode. 'Hollyoaks Later' video: Kurt's return Tony's Hollyoaks Later adventure begins on screen tonight. 'Hollyoaks Later': Tony blackmailed John Pickard previews Dom's upcoming return in Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' star: 'Prison changed Dom' James Redmond chats to us about his return to Hollyoaks. 'Hollyoaks' returnee open to longer stay Jeremy Edwards gives us new gossip on his Hollyoaks comeback. 'Hollyoaks' star talks shock Kurt return Nick Pickard gives us all the gossip on this year's Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' star: 'Big danger for Tony' Tony (Nick Pickard) will have a dramatic showdown with the White Man (Danny Dyer). 'Hollyoaks Later' photos: Tony in danger Hollyoaks Later returns next week with new EastEnders star playing 'The White Man'. Danny Dyer in 'Hollyoaks Later' trailer Parry Glasspool has taken over the role for Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' return for Tony's son Harry Nick Pickard on the impact of Tony's bad behaviour in the late-night series. 'Hollyoaks Later' sparks Tony trouble Tony is shocked to come face-to-face with the ghost of his old friend. 'Hollyoaks' Kurt return - first pictures More information is revealed about this year's Hollyoaks Later series. 'Hollyoaks': Kurt return gossip revealed The star tweets about filming on the soap with Alex Fletcher and Nick Pickard. 'Hollyoaks': Helen Lederer to appear Upcoming scenes of the soap will see Tony Hutchinson have his head shaved. Hollyoaks star: 'Tony plot is emotional' More emotional scenes are on the way for Ste next week. 'Hollyoaks' Ste to support ill Tony Inside Soap bosses announce the nominees for this year's awards. Inside Soap Awards 2013 nominations revealed Digital Spy chats to Hollyoaks' Ashley Taylor Dawson. 'Hollyoaks' actor on Sienna plot future Dan Tetsell said yes straight away to his regular part as Jim. 'Hollyoaks' actor surprised by Jim role Diane's world is turned upside down on Hollyoaks next month. 'Hollyoaks': Shock discovery for Diane The actor will play a ruthless ex-pat in the new series of after-dark specials. 'Hollyoaks Later' role for Danny Dyer Tony lets Diane think he and Cindy are an item. 'Oaks' Tony misleads Diane over Cindy Nick Pickard shows his commitment to Tony's cancer storyline. Hollyoaks star loses body hair for plot