Peter Molyneux

"We're almost there," says Fable creator Peter Molyneux. Is gaming the dominant entertainment medium? Tim Schafer experienced his own problems while developing Broken Age. Watch Tim Schafer defend Peter Molyneux The Populous creator responds to criticism about the state of Godus. Peter Molyneux: 'I've never knowingly lied' Acclaimed developer regrets using Kickstarter at the beginning of the project. Molyneux: 'Kickstarter damaged Godus' The creation simulation game finds its way to the App Store for iOS devices. Godus arrives on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Ted Timmins announces his departure from the Fable developer via Twitter. Fable lead designer leaves Lionhead The former Microsoft employee calls the motion-sensing device a "joke". Molyneux: 'Xbox One will remove Kinect' The Fable creator says EA has done a 'great deal' for the gaming industry. EA is 'not an evil empire' The distribution service offers the classic strategy title for free this weekend. Dungeon Keeper free on GOG Molyneux criticises Dungeon Keeper's microtransaction model. Molyneux: 'New Dungeon Keeper ridiculous' The full game is on track for a 2014 release. 'Godus' beta release date set Peter Molyneux doesn't believe Microsoft is trying to control gaming habits. Xbox One 'unfairly judged', says Molyneux The former Microsoft executive says that the iPad needs to fulfil its potential. Molyneux: 'Apple should focus on gaming' Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson may rule Godus for less than a year. 'Curiosity' prize is temporary Peter Molyneux's seven-month campaign unveils the secret grand prize. 'Curiosity' cube secret revealed Former MS exec and Lionhead boss claims that Microsoft has beaten its rivals. Molyneux: 'Xbox 360 won this generation' The Fable creator promises a "slightly contentious" announcement. Molyneux teases appearance at Xbox event Players can now pay to add or remove cubelets in the mobile experiment. 'Curiosity' app adds cube re-grow option The GODUS prototype video demonstrates the basics of gameplay. Molyneux's GODUS gameplay trailer GODUS is described as an "innovative reinvention of Populous". 'GODUS' announced by Peter Molyneux Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? will receive new features next week. 'Curiosity' to add six new features Mobile reviews this week for Angry Birds Star Wars and many more. Mobile reviews: Angry Birds Star Wars, more Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube continues to experience server issues. Molyneux appeals for Curiosity donations Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube's PC release is looking unlikely. 'Curiosity' PC release date in jeopardy Peter Molyneux's first game after Microsoft is a collaborative social experiment. 'Curiosity' out now on iOS, Android Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube will be released for iOS devices next week. Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube dated The London Games Festival Art Exhibition is supported by Rocksteady and Konami. City Hall gaming art gallery opens today Curiosity: What's inside the Cube is advertising for beta testers on Facebook. Curiosity: The Cube beta testers wanted Publisher Read-Only Memory looks to crowdsourcing to fund the project. Sensible Software biography announced Peter Molyneux's next game to be Cooperation. Molyneux's next to be 'Cooperation' Peter Molyneux is seeking a new name for the recently-delayed Curiosity. Molyneux renaming Curiosity due to NASA Peter Molyneux's latest game experiment arrives next month. Molyneux's Curiosity coming in September Peter Molyneux's next release aims to explore the psychology of social media. Molyneux's 'Curiosity' contains £50k DLC Peter Molyneux working on 22 experimental games, which will be released digitally. Peter Molyneux announces new project The GameCity Prize panel features actors, writers, designers and broadcasters. GameCity Prize line-up announced The London Games Festival kicks off in September for an entire month. London Games Festival returns for 2012 Peter Molyneux to focus on past and future projects at this year's GameCity festival. Peter Molyneux confirmed for GameCity7 Watch Gears of War's Cliff Bleszinski addressing the Fighting Fantasy contest. Cliffy B Fighting Fantasy contest video We check out a games jam inspired by the baffling brilliance of Peter Molyneux. Molyjam report: Making games from tweets Fable: The Journey's box art is unveiled by Lionhead Studios. 'Fable: The Journey' box art unveiled