Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly
Age: 26

From: Las Vegas, Nevada

Occupation: Waitress

BBC Breakfast host said to be latest celebrity to join the dancing competition. Susanna Reid 'joins Strictly' CBS opens episode with viewer discretion disclaimer after recent racism scandal. Big Brother USA airs special disclaimer Rachel Reilly says comments from the current series make her "sick to her stomach". BB USA's Rachel Reilly slams houseguests The pair tie the knot after meeting on the show back in 2011. Big Brother USA's Daniele, Dominic marry Clay Aiken, George Takei and Debbie Gibson among those hoping to impress Mr Trump. 'Amazing Race': The new cast in pictures Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas hope to continue their reality success on The Amazing Race. Amazing Race 20: Big Brother duo cast Adam Poch talks to us about his Big Brother 13 experience. Big Brother 13 Adam Poch Q&A Rachel Reilly talks us through her Big Brother 13 win. Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly Q&A A 14th season of Big Brother is to air on CBS next summer. Big Brother renewed by CBS Big Brother 13 evictee Jordan Lloyd backs Rachel Reilly to win the season. Big Brother Jordan: 'Rachel deserves win' Find out which houseguest left Big Brother 13 on Thursday night's show. Big Brother 13: 11th houseguest evicted Ragan Fox says that he struggled to be in the same house as "erratic" houseguest Rachel Reilly. 'Big Brother' Ragan: 'I pity Rachel' Matt slams former houseguest Rachel, describing how she acted in her last few hours. Matt: 'Rachel is f****** crazy' Enzo confronts Britney over her saboteur accusations after hearing about them from Rachel. Rachel and Britney clash over Enzo Rachel tells Enzo that Britney thinks he is the saboteur. Rachel and Enzo plot against Britney Rachel talks to Hayden about her suspicions as to who the saboteur is. Hayden and Rachel discuss the saboteur Ragan accepts Rachel’s apology after they exchange insults in the garden. Ragan reconciles differences with Rachel Ragan attacks Rachel after she mocks his sexuality. Ragan hurls abuse at Rachel Big Brother makes history as Rachel is let back inside the house for 24 hours. Rachel returns to the Big Brother house We chat with Rachel Reilly about her gameplan in the Big Brother house. Rachel Reilly ('Big Brother 12') New details about Brendon's outside life emerge when he moves into his HOH bedroom. Brendon moves into HOH bedroom Another houseguest is voted out of the Big Brother house in a unanimous decision. Fifth houseguest evicted from 'Big Brother 12' Saboteur Ragan has avoided suspicion while many houseguests believe Rachel to be the culprit. Houseguests think Rachel is Saboteur Rachel cries on boyfriend Brendon's shoulder over both of them being nominated. Rachel breaks down over eviction Rachel laments to Brendon that she has no friends inside the house. Rachel: 'I have no friends in this house' Ragan confronts Rachel about her behaviour in the house. Ragan argues with Rachel over behaviour The houseguests blast the new saboteur's efforts to ruin the game. Houseguests blast 'lame' saboteur Lane has told his alliance to make Rachel believe that she is safe before voting her out. Lane: 'Make Rachel think she is safe' Brendon has told Rachel that he thinks Ragan is trying to intimidate him. Brendon: 'Ragan tried to intimidate me' Enzo and Rachel admit that they think they are the main contestants on the show. Enzo and Rachel: 'We are the show' Rachel says that she won't petition for votes against her showmance partner Brendon. Rachel: "I can't petition against Brendon" Rachel and Ragan put the past behind them as they become friends during a game of pool. Ragan, Rachel reconcile differences Rachel tells Brendon about her previous drunken antics outside the house. Brendon hears about Rachel's drinking Ragan and Britney say that they "can't wait" for Rachel's departure. Ragan and Britney slam Rachel The ‘showmance’ couple discuss their strategy to stay in the house. Rachel and Brendon plan next move Britney gains the Power of Veto once more after winning the bowling competition. Britney wins PoV competition Rachel breaks down the day before the PoV competition. Rachel: 'I have nothing left to give' The houseguests go outside and find a bowling alley. PoV competition revealed The house tries to guess who the new saboteur could be. Houseguests discuss saboteur’s identity Matt decides Brendon and Rachel should face eviction this Thursday. This week’s nominees revealed