Rob Norbury

Shirtless Hollyoaks star Rob Norbury shows us his sweet tip with Sweet'N Low. Gay Spy: 'Hollyoaks' star's sweet tip Mercedes will resort to desperate measures to secure her freedom on Hollyoaks. 'Hollyoaks': Mercedes trial shocks ahead Digital Spy chats to Hollyoaks star Rob Norbury. 'Hollyoaks' star talks Riley's shock exit We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Corrie return, Enders passion, Oaks shock The ladies' man and footballer will depart screens in an upcoming storyline. 'Hollyoaks' exit for Riley Costello We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK's soaps. Corrie kiss, 'Enders rush, E'dale test Hollyoaks stars tip Karen Hassan for a bright future following her departure. 'Hollyoaks' stars praise Karen Hassan The actress admits that it would be boring if Mercedes was happy all the time. Metcalfe: 'Mercedes shouldn't be happy' Doug's sexuality storyline is back at the forefront of Hollyoaks next week. 'Hollyoaks' Doug plot continues - pics Rachel Shenton says that Mitzeee and Riley are scared to admit their feelings. 'Hollyoaks' star: 'Mitzeee loves Riley' Hollyoaks gives fans a sneak peek at the new-look Dog in the Pond. 'Hollyoaks' new-look pub - first pics Hollyoaks' Karen Hassan teases the upcoming battle for Riley. 'Hollyoaks' love war 'to get darker' Karen Hassan hopes that Lynsey Nolan will stand up for herself more. 'Hollyoaks' star wants 'feisty' Lynsey Rob Norbury says that Riley and Mitzeee have a "ready-made relationship". Hollyoaks star: Mitzeee ideal for Riley Karen Hassan says that things could get "complicated" Lynsey Nolan. 'Oaks star teases Lynsey, Riley spark We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Corrie killer, Enders death, E'dale fire Riley is back with news for Mercedes in Hollyoaks tonight. POTD: 'Hollyoaks' Riley back in village Riley Costello will "prolong" his stay in Hollyoaks due to Mitzeee Minniver. 'Hollyoaks' Riley stays close to Mitzeee We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Corrie fury, Enders arrival, Oaks return Hollyoaks' Claire Cooper promises big scenes ahead for the McQueens. Hollyoaks' McQueens reach breaking point Hollyoaks' Rob Norbury ponders what the future may hold for Riley and Mercedes. Hollyoaks star teases Riley's return Jennifer Metcalfe doesn't want Hollyoaks' Mercedes to settle down. 'Hollyoaks' star wants wild Mercedes Rob Norbury says that Jeff Rawle was "mobbed" by fans in Liverpool recently. 'Hollyoaks' Silas Blissett 'is a pin-up' Rob Norbury says he is affected by the emotional nature of his Hollyoaks plots. 'Hollyoaks' star: 'Mercedes scenes hard' Jennifer Metcalfe offers her take on Mercedes's Hollyoaks future. 'Hollyoaks' star reveals Mercedes hopes Rob Norbury gives his views on what Hollyoaks' Riley should do next. 'Hollyoaks' Riley ponders baby reveal We present all the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. 'Enders proposal, Corrie Max, E'dale outburst Rob Norbury hopes that his Hollyoaks alter ego has a happier future. 'Hollyoaks' actor wants Riley to move on Everyone gathers for Mercedes's wedding in tonight's episode of Hollyoaks. POTD: 'Hollyoaks' wedding day arrives Rob Norbury chats to us about Hollyoaks' highly-anticipated WAG wedding. 'Hollyoaks' wedding: Rob Norbury interview Hollyoaks's Jennifer Metcalfe says that filming her wedding teaser was "fun". Jennifer Metcalfe: 'Wedding teaser hurt' Jennifer Metcalfe says that Mercedes's wedding will have big consequences. 'Oaks star teases 'huge' Mercedes drama We present a full collection of pics from Mercedes and Riley's wedding. 'Hollyoaks' Mercedes wedding: More pics We present all the latest storylines and pictures from the UK soaps. 'Enders baby, Corrie scheme, E'dale fury Hollyoaks releases a publicity shot for the upcoming WAG wedding. 'Hollyoaks' releases wedding promo shot Watch a teaser video for next week's Hollyoaks episodes. 'Hollyoaks' teases blackmail plot - video Warren receives a surprising picture message in tonight's Hollyoaks. POTD: 'Hollyoaks' Warren gets a shock Watch Hollyoaks' new trailer for the upcoming WAG wedding. 'Hollyoaks' unveils dark wedding trailer Rachel Shenton reveals details of Mitzeee's next Hollyoaks scheme. 'Hollyoaks' star teases Mitzeee revenge Actors Rob Norbury (Riley) and Rachel Shenton (Mitzeee) tease "fireworks" between the pair. 'Hollyoaks' Riley, Mitzeee tease "fireworks"