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Sammy Winward

Kelvin Fletcher chats to us about future stories for his on-screen character. Emmerdale star promises big Andy plots Watch a video preview of Tuesday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale video: Katie humiliated Watch a video preview of Friday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale video: Bernice and Katie bicker Will Katie and Andy reunite following Diane's interference? POTD: Emmerdale's Diane helps Katie, Andy Watch a video preview of Monday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Andy dumps Katie Andy loses his temper next week after being faced with his past. Emmerdale: Andy reminded of violent past Watch a video preview of Tuesday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Bernice humiliated Bernice, Katie and Andy's love triangle continues next week. Emmerdale: Bernice and Katie clash again Sammy Winward admits that Katie's feelings for Andy have returned. Emmerdale star backs Katie, Andy reunion We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Corrie panic, Enders shock, Oaks fall Watch a video preview of Friday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Leyla caught out Sammy Winward is excited about her character Katie's future with Andy Sudgen. Emmerdale star wants Katie, Andy wedding Katie feels betrayed by Leyla in next week's episodes. Emmerdale one-night stand to shock Katie Samantha Giles says that Bernice will avoid romance after her future heartbreak. Emmerdale star: 'Bernice won't find love' Sammy Winward previews her character Katie's upcoming split with Adam Barton. Emmerdale star talks Katie, Adam split Kelvin Fletcher reveals why Andy will have bad news for the Bartons. Emmerdale star reveals injury fallout Former couple will grow closer again after Andy's serious accident. Emmerdale stars on Katie and Andy kiss Verity Rushworth gives us the gossip on her return to Emmerdale. Emmerdale star: 'I'm back for five months' Sammy Winward discusses Katie's attraction to Adam. Emmerdale star on Katie, Adam future Jason Merrells previews more disturbing behaviour from Declan. Emmerdale star promises Christmas drama We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Oaks reveal, Enders mistake, E'dale bet Gaynor Faye chats about her dark new storyline. 'Emmerdale' star on Macey violence shock Declan Macey finds himself in trouble when Alex's remains are discovered. 'Emmerdale' star on shock body discovery Sammy Winward reveals why Katie Macey flees the village next week. 'Emmerdale' star on big Katie decision Katie tries to prove that she's over Declan in Emmerdale tonight. POTD: 'Emmerdale's Katie schemes again Kelvin Fletcher insists that Andy is only being a "friend" to Katie. 'Emmerdale' Andy, Katie 'not reuniting' Sammy Winward reveals why Katie continues to plot against Declan. 'Emmerdale' star teases Macey showdown Sammy Winward doesn't see herself leaving the Dales anytime soon. 'Emmerdale' Katie actress hoping to stay Katie decides to expose Declan's true colours in Emmerdale tonight. POTD: 'Emmerdale's Katie gets revenge Chas is finally honest with Katie in Emmerdale tonight. POTD: 'Emmerdale's Chas reveals secret Sammy Winward previews a new romance twist for her Emmerdale character. 'Emmerdale' star on Katie, Adam twist Actress Sammy Winward teases what's next for Katie when she leaves Declan. 'Emmerdale's Katie, Andy could reunite Jason Merrells previews a tough week for his Emmerdale character. 'Emmerdale' star on huge discoveries Actress doesn't want her character Megan Macey to stay single forever. 'Emmerdale' star wants Megan to find love Actress Gaynor Faye says the younger cast work brilliantly. 'Emmerdale' star praises child acting Emmerdale actress Sammy Winward teases Katie and Declan's future. 'Emmerdale' star: 'Katie will be furious' Emma Atkins reveals why Charity tells Jai the truth about her recent infidelity. Emmerdale star teases Charity confession Katie demands answers after her horse dies on Emmerdale tonight. POTD: 'Emmerdale' heartache for Katie Emmerdale's Michelle Hardwick on why Vanessa sparks big trouble next week. 'Emmerdale' star reveals Vanessa crisis Declan's upcoming infidelity will have consequences, says Jason Merrells. 'Emmerdale' fling has big repercussions