Siavash Sabbaghpour

Occupation: Event organiser

Nationality: Iranian

Born: 1986

Siavash claims that he took part in Big Brother to mend his relationship with his father. Siavash 'did BB to impress father' Big Brother 10 winner Sophie claims that Dubliner Noirin behaved like a "bitch" on the show. BB winner Sophie: 'Noirin is a b***h' Siavash claims that Big Brother 10 winner Sophie can find a better boyfriend than Kris Donnelly. Siavash: 'Sophie can do better than Kris' Big Brother 10 winner Sophie reveals that she will give £10,000 to runner-up Siavash. Sophie gives £10,000 to Siavash charity Click here to watch the Big Brother 10 final press conference with Sophie and Siavash. Video: Big Brother 10 final press conference Siavash appears on Big Brother's Big Mouth to chat about his time in the house. Siavash: 'I didn't mind that outfit' Siavash chats to Davina about his time in the Big Brother house after he is named runner-up. Siavash: "No hard feelings towards Noirin" Sophie is crowned the winner of Big Brother 10, as Siavash comes in second. Sophie crowned winner of Big Brother 10 The contestants discuss their fears about leaving the Big Brother house. Housemates scared about leaving Former housemate Cairon defends Siavash cheating on his girlfriend with Noirin. Cairon defends Siavash, Noirin kiss Housemates reveal some their plans for when they leave the house. Housemates reveal post-show plans Big Brother asks the group to film each other's pleas for the public vote. Housemates 'plea for public vote' After almost leaving the house last night, Siavash decides to stay until the final. Siavash decides to stay until final David goes to bed early on his birthday after he tiring himself out by dancing. David is tired out at birthday party Sophie speculates that Siavash has been evicted when he fails to emerge from the Diary Room. Sophie mistakenly thinks Siavash has left Big Brother asks the housemates to rate themselves in a new task. Housemates asked to rate themselves Siavash predicts that the final two days in the house will be the most interesting. Siavash: 'Housemates in for surprise' The housemates perform the dance to Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' to Big Brother's satisfaction. Housemates pass 'Single Ladies' task Siavash and David agree that they can't imagine Sophie as a glamour model on the outside. Siavash: 'I can't see Sophie in porn' Siavash tells the housemates that he wants to design "manly" heels for men when he leaves the show. Siavash vows to create men's heels The housemates are given a screening of the BB episode they re-enacted for this week's shopping task. HMs given screening of re-enactment task The housemates get to watch Day 50 as part of the shopping task set by Big Brother. Housemates see an episode of BB Following a number of arguments, all the housemates discuss their eagerness to leave the house. Housemates look forward to finale Siavash suggests that the group walk out of the house in protest. Siavash: "Let's do it, let's walk out" Sophie brands Lisa a "nasty piece of work" following her reaction to nominations footage. Sophie: 'Lisa's a nasty piece of work' Lisa tells David that she thinks Siavash is "crafty" after she discovers that he nominated her six times. Lisa: 'Siavash is crafty' The housemates are shocked when they are shown their previous nominations. Housemates shown past nominations The housemates are excited when Big Brother treats them to a Chinese takeaway. Housemates treated to Chinese takeaway The group receives a 'task with no name', which gives them the chance to add £10,000 to the prize fund. Group given 'task with no name' Siavash is given blonde hair extensions but complains that they look "like Sophie's hair". Siavash given blonde hair extensions Marcus becomes the eleventh official housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Marcus evicted! Rodrigo and Charlie kiss for ten seconds, while Siavash brushes his teeth with chilli. Housemates play truth or dare Siavash says he feels content with his time in the house. Siavash: 'I'll go a happy man' Siavash reveals that he thinks his fellow nominee Marcus deserves to be in the final. Siavash: 'Marcus should be in the final' Sophie admits that she would feel sorry for Siavash if she was watching the show. Sophie 'would feel sorry for Siavash' Siavash reveals that if he won the show he would donate the prize money to charity. Siavash 'would give prize money away' Siavash and Sophie make a pact to stay in touch when they leave the Big Brother house. Sophie, Siavash agree to stay in touch Siavash dresses up in stilettos and heels, much to David's amusement. Siavash debuts new look to laughter Big Brother asks Siavash to hand over all his clothes and accessories for the prize money. Housemates offered prize money at a price Sophie reveals that she has no clue who will be evicted on Friday. Sophie: 'I don't know who'll be evicted'