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Stephanie Waring

Occupation: Actress

Nationality: British

Born: October 26, 1978 (35)

Cindy faces a difficult decision in Wednesday's E4 episode of Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks pictures: Temptation for Cindy Cindy wants to tell the truth about how Browning died. Hollyoaks' Cindy to confess - picture Cindy's loved ones gather at the hospital next week. Hollyoaks: Surprise at Hilton christening Stephanie Waring chats to us about the emotional scenes ahead for Cindy. Hollyoaks star talks Cindy labour shock Cindy has to be rushed to hospital next month. Hollyoaks' Cindy goes into early labour The stress becomes too much for Cindy on Hollyoaks next week. Hollyoaks: Cindy collapses at work Lindsey is close to breaking point on Hollyoaks this week. Hollyoaks pictures: Lindsey's threat Holly and Jason face Patrick's wrath in tonight's E4 episode (January 23). Hollyoaks: Holly and Jason in trouble The battle over Browning's inheritance money continues on Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks: New clash for Cindy, Mercy Grace becomes jealous as Trevor plots to scam Mercedes. Hollyoaks: Trevor, Grace kiss - pictures We chat to Amanda Clapham in her first interview since joining Hollyoaks. 'Hollyoaks' newcomer talks Holly recast Stephanie Waring and Jennifer Metcalfe discuss their dark storyline. 'Hollyoaks' stars praise Browning story We chat to Sophie Austin about her biggest Hollyoaks storyline yet. 'Hollyoaks' star: 'Lindsey is petrified' Grace witnesses Browning's body being moved next week. 'Hollyoaks' newbie Grace turns detective The actress will stay in her role as Mercedes McQueen for at least another year. 'Hollyoaks' Metcalfe signs new contract Stephanie Waring talks about Wallis Day's decision to leave the soap. Hollyoaks star on screen daughter exit Tamara Wall has been cast as the new character, who will arrive next month. 'Hollyoaks' arrival for Clare's sister Stephanie Waring discusses her next big Hollyoaks storyline. 'Hollyoaks' Cindy wants to keep baby Actress Amanda Clapham has been chosen to take over the part. 'Hollyoaks' Holly Cunningham role recast Cindy will struggle to cope with the news. 'Hollyoaks' Cindy in pregnancy plot Cindy (Stephanie Waring) is attacked by Browning (Joseph Thompson) next week. Hollyoaks star on 'terrifying' Cindy scene Browning's dark side emerges yet again next week. 'Hollyoaks' killer lines up new victim Diane's world is turned upside down on Hollyoaks next month. 'Hollyoaks': Shock discovery for Diane Tony lets Diane think he and Cindy are an item. 'Oaks' Tony misleads Diane over Cindy Watch a video preview of Thursday's Hollyoaks episode. 'Hollyoaks' preview: Cindy's discovery Tony Hutchinson learns that his cancer battle is only just beginning. 'Hollyoaks': Bad news for unwell Tony Nikki Sanderson hints that Maxine and Patrick will be busy over the summer. 'Oaks star: 'Maxine future is exciting' Actress also reflects on the 17 years she has been part of the Channel 4 soap. 'Hollyoaks' Waring teases Cindy romance We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Corrie wedding, Oaks attack, more Jacqui will exact her revenge as she discovers the truth about Cindy. 'Hollyoaks': Jacqui fury erupts at Xmas Claire Cooper promises a Christmas showdown for Jacqui and Cindy. 'Oaks Cindy to face music over fling The McQueens get a mystery Christmas arrival, while Jacqui gets nearer to the truth. Hollyoaks: Christmas drama for McQueens Soap fans take to Twitter to criticise the new portrayal of 14-year-old Holly. Waring defends 'Oaks daughter recasting Digital Spy chats to Hollyoaks actor Andrew Moss. 'Hollyoaks' star talks tragic Rhys exit Nick Pickard says that Tony needs some happiness in his life. 'Hollyoaks' star: Tony should dump Cindy Stephanie Waring can't see any way back for Cindy and Tony. 'Hollyoaks' Cindy, Tony romance over? Stephanie Waring praises her new on-screen daughter Wallis Day. 'Hollyoaks' star backs Holly return Wallis Day is cast as Holly Cunningham in Hollyoaks. 'Hollyoaks': Cindy's daughter to return Tony will lose his sight in the aftermath of a road accident. 'Hollyoaks' Tony in accident drama Myra discovers another big secret on Hollyoaks next week. 'Hollyoaks' Myra makes shock discovery