Steve Gill

Former Big Brother stars and celebrities unite for a charity football match later this month. BB stars unite for charity football We chat to Corin Forshaw and Steve Gill about their Big Brother 11 experiences. Corin Forshaw, Steve Gill ('Big Brother 11') Sam becomes the eleventh person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Sam evicted! Steve talks to Davina about his time in the Big Brother house. Steve's Interview: 'It was a tough ride' Steve becomes the ninth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Steve evicted! The group tell each other who they've nominated in the past, as they prepare for tonight's eviction. Housemates reveal who they nominated Steve is nervous that it could be his last night in the house. Steve worried over upcoming evictions Housemates Sam and David ignore the requests of BIg Brother. Sam and David ignore Big Brother Steve tells David that Ben revealed to him that Tom Jones is supporting the minister. David thinks he has Tom Jones's support Titan returned to the house today as part of the shopping task and revealed who had nominated Steve. Titan returns to reveal house secrets Steve admits that he would choose an in-house reunion with Keeley over one with his wife. Steve: 'I'd choose Keeley over my wife' John James is convinced that someone will donate a new pair of limbs for war veteran Steve. John James: 'Steve will get new legs' David reassures Steve that he'll see it through to the last night as talk once again turns to the final. David to Steve: 'You're in the final' After correctly answering clues from Davina McCaw, the group win a luxury takeaway for tonight. Group solve word puzzle, win Thai curry Sam is disciplined by Big Brother for his pranks, including covering fittings in clingfilm. Big Brother calls Sam 'disrespectful' The Mexican party flops as the housemates complain about drinks, music and lack of special prizes. Group underwhelmed by Mexican shindig Andrew and Steve agree that they have learnt a lot while living in the Big Brother house. Andrew, Steve 'grateful for BB life' Nick Bateman calls for Sam Pepper to be ejected from the Big Brother 11 house. Bateman: 'Sam should be ejected' Steve discusses what it was like to lose both his legs in a bomb blast when he was 19. David asks Steve about bomb blast Big Brother sets the bored housemates a Diary Room task, with the promise of a party later. Housemates face 'Eye Spy' task Andrew and David bet on weather this week's eviction will see one or two people leave the house. Andrew, David place wager on eviction David and Steve discuss what media opportunities may await them in the outside world. David, Steve ponder media opportunities The pantomime horses are put through their paces by trainers Steve and David. Housemates begin horse task Jo tells Steve that despite her recent mood swings she refuses to be negative about the house. Jo: 'I refuse to be negative' Housemates probe Mario for information regarding his 'secret' and Steve reveals he knows what it is. Steve: "Mario's secret is worth knowing" Big Brother has demanded the set of marbles be returned, much to the male housemates' annoyance. Big Brother confiscates house marbles Jo tells Steve that John James annoys her with his "arrogance" and "argumentative" attitude. Jo: 'John James should swagger back to Oz' David warns the group not to 'shoot the cook' as his gruel supper is slated. Group unimpressed by David's gruel supper Rachel justifies throwing away the chance to win £50 towards this week's shopping budget. Rachel defends endurance task failure Steve and John James both complain about Rachel as their noisy evening draws to a close. Steve, John James tired of Rachel's shrieking Big Brother puts a stop to the rowdy housemates' impromptu pool party. Pool party cut short by excess noise David and John James are among a number of housemates unsure if Mario's choice was left to chance. David unsure Mario's decision was random Andrew tells Steve and Sam that David only seems to get 'drunk' at night when he has been drinking. Andrew questions David's 'drunkenness' Big Brother 7 star Nikki Grahame says that she wants Steve to be the next housemate evicted. BB7 Nikki: 'Steve acts like a perv' Big Brother tells Dave that he will not pass on a message to his wife. Dave's message request to family denied David says that his concerns over his wife's "flat" video message may force him to leave. David threatens to walk over message Most of the group were in a jubilant mood after receiving personalised messages from home. Group react to messages from home Steve thinks Corin will quit the show if she doesn't get word that her mum is okay. Steve: 'Corin to walk over mum concerns' The housemates are shown messages from their loved ones as a reward for this week's shopping task. Housemates receive messages from home Steve tells Mario about proposing to his wife after Mario remarks on how young she looks. Steve reminisces about marriage proposal