Steve Mcfadden

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: British

Born: March 20, 1959 (56)

Gavin has back-up as he surprises Phil in tonight's episode. EastEnders: Gavin returns with a plan Could Grant Mitchell come back to Albert Square after all? Kemp would 'never say never' to EastEnders Sneaky Phil bribed the jury to find Max guilty rather than not guilty. EastEnders reveals Phil trial secret Phil will walk in on the secret lovers as they get steamy at the car lot. EastEnders: Ben and Paul caught by Phil Jane is pushed to breaking point tonight while trying to protect her family. EastEnders: Jane will lash out at Phil Dominic Treadwell-Collins wanted the plot to be credible. EastEnders boss explains Kathy return decision Will Phil uncover Jane's secret next week? EastEnders: Phil confronts Jane over murder EastEnders' Tracey gets a storyline and Corrie's Tracy is arrested! This week's Sunday soap gossip Monday's episode featured a candid heart-to-heart between Phil and Ronnie. EastEnders: Phil knew about Kathy for years DCI Marsden has Kathy in her sights - is she about to face the music? EastEnders films arrest scenes for Kathy Kathy struggles to keep her composure as she stands just metres away from her son. EastEnders pics: Kathy sees Ian tonight Jane has left Sharon with a monumental dilemma - what will she do? EastEnders cliffhanger: Jane comes clean Kathy faces the wrath of Phil in dramatic scenes tonight. EastEnders pics: Kathy to be held captive Phil Mitchell is seen demanding to know what Kathy wants in the new teaser. EastEnders: Watch Kathy plead with Phil Sharon and Ian could come close to discovering Phil's secret about Kathy next week. EastEnders: Phil to be followed by Ian and Sharon Kathy's back in Walford, a familiar face joins Corrie and Ste's new romance begins. This week's Sunday soap gossip Mother and son are finally reunited as the pressure of knowing Lucy's killer gets too much for Ian. EE: Ian's dramatic reaction to Kathy's return Richard Blackwood promises on-screen fireworks with Steve McFadden. EastEnders star: 'Vincent doesn't fear Phil' Richard Blackwood describes his on-screen mum as "a bit of a gangster". EastEnders to explore Claudette's dark side Violence breaks out all round in EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. This week's Sunday soap gossip Our latest Soap Spy looks back on a week of high drama on the Square. Have new Lucy twists boosted EastEnders? Phil drops a big bombshell on Max in Friday's dramatic episode. EastEnders pics: Max gets a big shock Phil faces a clash that he definitely wasn't expecting in Tuesday's episode. EastEnders: Bobby Beale to threaten Phil See actor filming scenes at King's Cross station with Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy. EastEnders: Paul Nicholas films first scenes Lola is left devastated when Dean sacks her next week. EastEnders: Phil fights to help Lola Harry Reid chats to us about his upcoming soap storylines. EastEnders star talks Ben Mitchell future Jonny Labey reveals what fans can expect from Paul Coker. EastEnders newbie: 'Paul is excited by Ben' Gillian Taylforth featured briefly on screen in Tuesday night's episode. EastEnders airs new Kathy Beale scene Phil tries to show Vincent who's boss in tonight's episode. EastEnders pics: Phil punches Vincent Phil and Max are both delivered home truths from their families next week. EastEnders: Phil and Max face the music The actor will be taking to the stage in Crawley at Christmas. Steve McFadden lands new panto role Jay chooses Max over Phil in surprising scenes next week. EastEnders: Jay Brown to betray Phil Ian Beale insists that his own father Pete couldn't have been the mystery man. EastEnders: Sharon's dad search continues We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders fury, Corrie proposal, Oaks reveal Alfie Moon actor says hacking led to mistrust between him and his EastEnders co-star. 'Enders Richie reveals Wallace mistrust Steve McFadden says articles published in The Mirror destroyed Lucy Benjamin's career. Hacking 'ruined EastEnders star's career' Which actress came back to the soap to keep Taylforth's return a secret? Who stood in for Taylforth in EE rehearsals? The actress discusses the secrecy surrounding Kathy Beale's comeback. Taylforth stayed silent over 'Enders return A familiar face makes an unexpected return to EastEnders on night Lucy's killer is revealed. EastEnders Live: Kathy Beale returns From Greasenders to 'Every Loser Wins', the Walford lot are a musical bunch. EastEnders 30th: 10 musical moments