Steve Niles

The Nightmare on Elm Street creator launches his first comic. Horror legend Wes Craven writing comic The Shrek director takes on 30 Days of Night co-creator Steve Niles's comic. Andrew Adamson adapting Breath of Bones Dark Horse Comics announces the new Third Child miniseries. Steve Niles returns to Criminal Macabre IDW Publishing reveals the new monthly comic from the 30 Days of Night writer. Steve Niles unveils The October Faction Joe Keatinge, Ming Doyle and Steve Rude are also part of the new digital lineup. Adventures of Superman adds Ordway, Niles The 30 Days of Night writer returns to IDW Publishing. Steve Niles unveils Monster & Madman An eBay auction is organised to help the 30 Days of Night writer. Auction launched after Niles flooding The first issue will be released on October 30 to coincide with Halloween. 'Army of Darkness' comic brought forward Damien Worm will provide artwork for the series and IDW act as publisher. Steve Niles announces 'Monster & Madman' Writer Steve Niles is reimagining the horror series for Dynamite Entertainment. Army of Darkness gets comic book reboot Steve Niles's new comics venture unveils its first titles. Alan Moore, Lloyd reunite at Black Mask Comics creators tweet their thoughts on the veteran DC editor's resignation. Industry responds to Berger's departure The horror superstars collaborate on a joint movie/graphic novel project. Wes Craven, Steve Niles team up Steve Niles's comics creations unite in the Dark Horse Comics miniseries. 30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre unite The publisher adds two new titles to its weekly digital comics slate. DC adds Batman to digital-first content Steve Niles returns to his horror title with Pixar artist Scott Morse. Criminal Macabre hardback unveiled The publisher picks up Tony Harris's Kickstarter funded project. Image Comics publishes 'Roundeye' The 30 Days of Night creator taps social media for a new collaborator. Steve Niles seeks artist for new project The publisher releases another mysterious teaser. Image teases 'gently used new coffins' The new distribution and business model from Epitaph Records is announced. Niles, Pizzolo unveil Black Mask Studios The 30 Days of Night creator teams up with the punk record label. Epitaph in talks to distribute comics The publisher is to release Bernie Wrightson and John Byrne's titles in May. 'Frankenstein' sequel, 'Trio' for May Image Comics announces its new, sci-fi miniseries about superpowered athletes. Brian Wood, Ming Doyle unveil 'Mara' The Morning Glories writer teams with Riley Rossmo on the Image Comics title. Nick Spencer is dragged to 'Bedlam' Image Comics announces a print version of Ken Garing's miniseries. 'Planetoid' comes to print The writer teams with Tony Harris and Scott Morse on two new series. Image announces two Steve Niles projects Comic creators offer support for the Ghost Rider creator. Donation rally for 'Ghost Rider' creator The 30 Days of Night creator launches a new vampire story. 'Nosferatu Wars' unveiled by Steve Niles The 30 Days of Night creator attacks the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act. Steve Niles speaks out against SOPA The V For Vendetta creators contribute to the Occupy Comics anthology. Alan Moore, David Lloyd on Occupy Comics Brea Grant tells Digital Spy all about her love of comics. Brea Grant interview: 'Dexter' actress talks 'Suicide Girls' cartoon Twilight fans are offered copies of 30 Days of Night by IDW Publishing. 'Twilight' fans offered '30 Days of Night' swap IDW Publishing teases a new 'Frankenstein' project from Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson. 'Frankenstein' revival in the works Steve Niles discusses the return of his Dark Horse Comics title Criminal Macabre. Steve Niles details 'Criminal Macabre' return Image Comics, Pinncale Entertainment and Visionary Comics unveils Deadlands. Ron Marz heads 'Deadlands' project IDW Publishing releases a solicitation for its latest 30 Days Of Night title. IDW unveils new '30 Days Of Night' Steve Niles and Scott Morse announce a new creator-owned collaboration. Niles, Morse launch creator-owned book IDW Publishing announces a miniseries based on SuicideGirls. IDW brings SuicideGirls to comics IDW Publishing unveils Mystery Society, a new five-issue miniseries from Steve Niles. IDW unveils 'Mystery Society' Jim Valentino details the forthcoming Shadowhawk series, which sees Paul Johnstone resurrected. Jim Valentino details 'Shadowhawk' ongoing