Tamara Wall

Cast from the Channel 4 soap hit the town in Manchester on Saturday. Hollyoaks stars gather for cast party Grace struggles with her latest setback in Thursday's E4 episode. Hollyoaks: Freddie release angers Grace Lockie shocks Grace at the pub in Monday's E4 first look episode. Hollyoaks: Grace hears Trevor has cheated Grace and Mercedes's scheme could lie in tatters after the latest E4 episode. Hollyoaks: Lindsey discovers Mercy's fate Lindsey continues to scheme in Friday's E4 first look episode. Hollyoaks: Grace gets sinister messages Harry and John Paul have some talking to do in Wednesday's E4 episode. Hollyoaks pictures: Will Harry keep quiet? Jennifer Metcalfe will return to filming on a permanent basis in March. Hollyoaks: Mercedes to make full-time return Jack's drugs scandal leaves Esther in an impossible position. Hollyoaks showdown for Esther, Grace Grace hopes to get Freddie behind bars in this week's episodes. Hollyoaks pictures: Grace frames Freddie Grace Black's bad side will return for a big storyline. Hollyoaks star on dark Grace plot Esther tackles Trevor and Grace over their treatment of Dylan tonight. Hollyoaks: Esther gets angry with Trevor Tamara Wall chats to us about her dramatic Hollyoaks storyline. Hollyoaks star: 'Grace wants revenge' Grace falls from a balcony after confronting Freddie next week. Hollyoaks: Grace Black has an accident Grace's interference could have huge consequences next week. Hollyoaks: Esther furious with Grace Esther learns that Kim Butterfield has feelings for her next week. Hollyoaks pictures: Esther's new romance Esther realises that Kim has feelings for her in scenes due to air next month. Hollyoaks lines up Esther, Kim romance Esther, Grace and Trevor continue to make baby plans in the show's latest episode. Hollyoaks pictures: A big day for Esther Jazmine Franks chats about the Esther and Grace story for the first time. Hollyoaks star backs Esther baby plot We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders kiss, Corrie Cilla, Oaks threat Grace fears the worst as Big Bob angrily confronts her. Hollyoaks: Grace faces Big Bob's fury Grace and Trevor receive some upsetting news next week. Hollyoaks baby setback for Grace and Trevor Big Bob takes a hostage on Hollyoaks next week. Hollyoaks kidnap danger for Grace Black Grace insists on taking Nana to the hospital next week. Hollyoaks: Nana to find surprising ally Lindsey is forced to help Grace carry out a task for new villain Big Bob. Hollyoaks: Lindsey targeted by Grace New pictures show The Kumars actor Vincent Ebrahim joining the soap. Hollyoaks pictures: New villain arrives The dangerous villain will be thrown into "a non-criminal world". Hollyoaks plans changes for Grace Black Joe is arrested on suspicion of Fraser Black's murder next week. Hollyoaks: Joe Roscoe appears in court Mercedes demands £1,000 in exchange for her silence over a secret. Hollyoaks: Mercedes to blackmail Trevor Grace gets a surprise when Trevor turns up on her doorstep unexpectedly. Hollyoaks: Trevor to return next week Grace's plan falls apart as her trial begins next week. Hollyoaks: Grace Black stands trial Grace's bad behaviour continues in next week's episodes. Hollyoaks: Grace attacks new target We catch up with Hollyoaks actor Greg Wood. Hollyoaks actor on awards, Trevor future Kieron Richardson reveals that he has been busy researching Ste's new storyline. Hollyoaks star challenged by Ste plot We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders spark, Corrie scare, Oaks kidnap Ste finds himself back in Grace's bad books next month. Hollyoaks kidnap plot for Ste Hay A number of the villagers continue to lose patience over the dangerous villain. Hollyoaks: Tensions rise over Fraser Tamara Wall explains why Grace wants Sandy dead. Hollyoaks star on Grace murder plan Tamara Wall previews Hollyoaks' upcoming whodunit mystery. 'Oaks star: 'Grace may be Fraser killer' Joe puts his own mother in danger on Hollyoaks next week. Hollyoaks murder plan endangers Sandy Fraser Black is set to be killed off in a mysterious plot. Hollyoaks star on Fraser murder plot