The Indelicates

Digital versions are available instantly and physical copies will follow. The Indelicates launch fifth studio album The downloadable release features four new songs and demo versions. Indelicates release new album DLC The band unveil the 'Everything Is Just Disgusting' promo and tease new songs. The Indelicates unveil puppet video The band unveil part three of their fourth studio album. Indelicates complete 'Diseases of England' The latest four tracks from the band's three-part album are released. The Indelicates unleash new songs Julia Indelicate takes the lead in the second track from her band's new album. The Indelicates unveil new video Watch the music video for new song 'Class'. The Indelicates announce new album The Indelicates post eight seconds of their upcoming fourth album. The Indelicates tease new album for 2012 The Indelicates release their third studio album entitled David Koresh Superstar. The Indelicates release 'David Koresh Superstar' The Indelicates confirm the two-part digital release of The Book Of Job: The Musical. Indelicates confirm two-part 'Job' release Julia Indelicate says that some new Indelicates recordings will be released in the US as a "taster". Julia Indelicate teases US EP release The Indelicates announce that their third studio album David Koresh Superstar is poised for release. Indelicates announce 'imminent' new album The Indelicates accuse the music press of being part of a dying industry and ignoring new ideas. Indelicates: 'Music press ignores new ideas' Julia Indelicate talks about the band's first two 'Super Special Edition' live shows. Indelicates play 'special edition' shows The Indelicates confirm plans to release their third album before the end of 2010. The Indelicates unveil third LP details The Indelicates announce the official launch of the CD version of their second album. Indelicates confirm physical album launch The Indelicates claim that the controversy over filesharing is a distraction to a dying industry. Indelicates: 'Piracy talk a distraction' We talk to Simon and Julia Indelicate about their second album and unique record label venture. The Indelicates The Indelicates leave the battered record industry behind for their self-released second album. The Indelicates: 'Songs For Swinging Lovers' Simon Indelicate chooses not to recognise the recently-passed digital economy bill. Indelicate slams bands over digital bill Simon Indelicate urges musicians and other artists to "pick a side" on the digital economy bill. Indelicates: 'Pick a side on piracy bill' The Indelicates confirm the title and release details of their second album. Indelicates confirm second album title The Indelicates announce gigs across the UK to support their upcoming second album. The Indelicates announce UK tour Singer Simon Indelicate says that filesharing is not reason enough to deny users internet access. Indelicates: 'Internet is a human right' Simon Indelicate describes the recent statement from the FAC as "backward, ludicrous and neophobe". Simon Indelicate attacks FAC statement Simon Indelicate reveals the names of the songs recorded for his band's second album. The Indelicates reveal track titles The Indelicates frontwoman Julia argues that people should be allowed to download music for free. Indelicates: 'Let people download freely' The Indelicates reveal that they have completed four songs for their second album. Indelicates record 'sinister, lush' songs The Indelicates reveal that they have written the songs for their second album. Indelicates: 'Second LP may be darker' Vince Atta and Robin Ince are unveiled as part of the inaugural Five Pound Fringe. Lineup revealed for 'Five Pound Fringe' The singer-guitarist of The Indelicates suggests that the recession could save popular music. Indelicates: 'Recession could save music' Brighton band The Indelicates announce a gig with lyrics translated in sign language for the deaf. The Indelicates 'plan live signed gig'