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Past Project Runway stars will lead a crop of upcoming designers. Under The Gunn line-up revealed Emmy organisers announce new batch of stars set to take stage for TV awards. Kaling, Hamm among final Emmy presenters The city explains that it does not want "obscene material" to be exhibited. 'Project Runway' naked sign banned in LA The townhouse occupied by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City sells for  $9.85m. Sex and the City townhouse sold for $10m The Project Runway star will interview on the red carpet at Oscars 2012. Tim Gunn to host Oscars 2012 pre-show Angela Lindvall tells DS about her experience hosting the show. 'Project Runway' Angela Lindvall Q&A Joanna Coles says that she has a slightly different role than Tim Gunn. 'Runway' new mentor different to Gunn Tim Gunn also offers tips on how to look one's best for holiday parties. Gunn 'loves Project Runaway catchphrase' Russell Simmons is praised for his humane treatment of animals. Russell Simmons honoured by PETA The four designers show three looks in the hopes of making it to Fashion Week. 'Project Runway' finale part 1 - photos Designers have to create three looks inspired by Governors Island. 'Project Runway' axes another designer Project Runway's designers have to create an outfit inspired by a bird. 'Project Runway' loses another designer This week's challenge is all about reviving the "sophisticated" style of the '70s. 'Project Runway' axes another designer Tim Gunn jokes that Project Runway is a "meat and fur free zone'. Tim Gunn: 'Lady GaGa's meat dress was nauseating' Christina Ricci joins Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Ricci for the first challenge of the season. 'Project Runway' recap: Christina Ricci guest judges, five designers exit Tim Gunn says that Jersey Shore's Snooki could never be considered a fashion icon. Tim Gunn: 'If Snooki's a fashion icon I'm leaving the industry' Lifetime unveils the 20 designers who will star on the ninth season of Project Runway. 'Project Runway' names season nine designers Watch Tim Gunn's transformations of the remaining five players on the ranch. Video: Watch the 'Biggest Loser' makeovers Tim Gunn arrives to guide the remaining five players through their makeovers. 'Biggest Loser: Couples' recap: Makeover Week Our remaining five players face makeover week on The Biggest Loser: Couples. 'Biggest Loser' prepares for makeovers... Sony Pictures has moved up the release date of 3D film The Smurfs from August to July. 'The Smurfs' release date moved to July Project Runway's Tim Gunn announces plans to pen a humorous book about the history of fashion. Tim Gunn to write 'Fashion Bible' Tim Gunn says that he has developed a close relationship with Project Runway co-star Heidi Klum. Tim Gunn: 'Klum friendship is joyous' Click here to see some photographs from the next episode of Gossip Girl! Fashion and feuds on 'Gossip Girl'! Project Runway's Tim Gunn says that the clothes Lady GaGa wears are simply "costumes". Gunn slams Lady GaGa's fashion sense Project Runway host Tim Gunn reveals that he tried to take his own life when he was 17. Tim Gunn reveals teenage suicide bid Tim Gunn says that he has no regrets about being single since 1982. Tim Gunn 'not looking for a relationship' Tim Gunn says that Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis verbally abuses her mother. Gunn: 'Martha Stewart daughter dismal' Tim Gunn admits that he struggled to work with Taylor Momsen when he had a cameo on Gossip Girl. Gunn 'wanted to shake Taylor Momsen' Tim Gunn urges Lady GaGa to be more creative in her fashion choices. Tim Gunn: 'GaGa meat dress was boring' Tim Gunn says that Taylor Momsen constantly annoys her Gossip Girl castmates. Tim Gunn: 'Taylor Momsen is pathetic' Peach Carr says that she used "subtle" techniques when designing clothes on Project Runway. 'Runway' Peach: "I'm not an edgy designer" Tim Gunn will reportedly appear in an episode of Gossip Girl's upcoming fourth season. Tim Gunn to have 'Gossip Girl' cameo? Tim Gunn previews the eighth season of Project Runway, which premieres tomorrow. Tim Gunn ('Project Runway') Project Runway's Tim Gunn joins the live-action cast of The Smurfs. Tim Gunn signs for 'Smurfs' movie Tim Gunn claims that he thinks that Kim Kardashian is "pretty" but a "poser". Tim Gunn: 'Kim Kardashian is a poser' Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn criticises the Kardashian sisters' new fashion line for Bebe. Tim Gunn: 'Kardashians have no taste' The latest Project Runway eliminee describes Tim Gunn as "really great". 'Project Runway' star praises Tim Gunn Project Runway star Tim Gunn praises Heidi Klum in a recent interview. Tim Gunn: 'Heidi Klum is Superwoman' The final ten Project Runway designers offer their collections to the finale's audience. 'Runway' final ten offer collections