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The latest time jump in Marvel continuity arrives after Jonathan Hickman's event. Marvel jumps 8 months after Secret Wars Marvel Comics reveals details of the final incursion in its summer event. The Marvel Universe ends in Secret Wars Marvel dismisses reports that Haden Blackman and Mike Del Mundo's series is ending. Elektra cancellation rumours downplayed Marvel's senior vice president addresses the reception of the Spider-Man films. Spider-Man films 'not hurting Marvel' Tom Brevoort addresses the realities of the publisher's split franchise rights. Marvel exec admits reduced X-Men focus Executive editor Tom Brevoort quashes the rumoured attack on Fox's film. Marvel: 'Fantastic Four not cancelled' VP says that high numbering on comics is "comfort food and nostalgia at best". Marvel exec Brevoort defends renumbering The anti-hero joins Luke Cage in Marvel Comics new event-related image. Spider-Man is 'Mighty' in new teaser Luke Cage heads a team of Earthbound heroes during the upcoming event. Marvel teases 'Mighty' team in Infinity The veteran creator is writing and drawing the unannounced title. Jim Starlin teases secret Marvel project Editor Tom Brevoort quashes rumours of the return of the character. Marvel denies Rom the Spaceknight plans Fantastic Four #600 gets charity covers from top creators. 'Fantastic Four 100 Project' announced The Marvel editor-in-chief stamps out at claims that the project is a reboot. Axel Alonso: 'Marvel NOW! is a refresh' The writer concludes a defining eight-year run on the franchise. 'Avengers': Bendis officially ends run A major Marvel Comics character is killed off in this week's issue #11. 'Avengers vs X-Men' death revealed Marvel Comics' executive editor promises more Nick Fury Sr for the initiative. Marvel NOW! will feature X-Force, X-23 The creative team gives more details of the upcoming Marvel NOW! title. Uncanny Avengers unites Marvel Universe The publisher shows designs from Jerome Opena and John Cassaday for Marvel NOW! Captain America redesign unveiled The Marvel Comics editor says Northstar's marriage is different to Spider-Man's. Brevoort: 'Gay marriage wasn't forced' Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley tackle the cosmic heroes in the series. Guardians return in 'Avengers Assemble' Marvel's senior vice president explains the changes to the secret agent. Tom Brevoort discusses new Nick Fury The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent makes his debut in Marvel's core universe in issue #6. 'Battle Scars' to feature Agent Coulson Marvel Comics promises more cosmic stories before the end of the year. Guardians of the Galaxy return in 2012 Ms Marvel has been unveiled as the star of the new title. Carol Danvers becomes Captain Marvel A new teaser promises the return of Chris Claremont's title. 'X-Treme X-Men' revived by Marvel The publisher teases the return of Kree superhero Mar-Vell. Captain Marvel returns to Marvel Comics Marvel Comics cancels the return of the CrossGen titles. 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', 'Route 666' shelved The miniseries focuses on different battles between Avengers and X-Men. 'Avengers vs. X-Men' tie-in announced Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch leaves Marvel after ten years' service. Bryan Hitch leaves Marvel Comics Marvel's Tom Breevort addresses the changes introduced to Fantastic Four. 'Fantastic Four' undergoes major changes Axel Alonso discusses Marvel's new Point One anthology. Marvel teases Ed Brubaker Watcher story Marvel Comics announces the release dates for the long-awaited comics. 'The Twelve' final issues announced Marvel Comics unveils the project previously titled 'Cable Reborn'. Cable returns in 'Avengers: X-Sanction' Marvel's Tom Brevoort says that the firm is better off when DC Comics is strong. Marvel executive welcomes DC competition Marvel Comics' Tom Brevoort says that the publisher is not planning a relaunch. Tom Brevoort: 'No Marvel reboot planned' Senior vice president Tom Brevoort speaks about the post-'Fear Itself' branding. 'Shattered Heroes' teaser unveiled Comic lining-up 2012 events is released in November. 'Point One' one-shot unveiled by Marvel Marvel Comics reveals the first details of a new Andy Diggle project. Andy Diggle's new Marvel Comics project unveiled Marvel executive Tom Brevoort says that Carnage wouldn't work as the lead in his own ongoing series. 'Carnage' ongoing series unlikely, says Marvel Marvel executive Tom Brevoort says that the death of a major superhero had been planned for some time. Marvel exec explains major superhero death