Tony Gilroy

The Pulitzer Prize-winning writer died of natural causes at his home on Saturday. Playwright Frank D Gilroy dies, aged 89 Bill Paxton also stars in the indie thriller, while Dan Gilroy will direct. Mad Men's Rahm joins 'Nightcrawler' The pair will star in Bourne Legacy writer Dan Gilroy's LA-based noir movie. Jake Gyllenhaal, Russo for Nightcrawler Jeremy Renner also discusses shooting the action film's stunts. 'Bourne Legacy' Renner 'a new hero' Jeremy Renner is on the run from the US government and the ghost of Jason Bourne. 'Bourne Legacy' review: Digital Spy's verdict The franchise's long-time writer praises the "integrity" at its heart. Tony Gilroy on 'shambolic' Bourne films Gilroy says Jeremy Renner faces pressure since Matt Damon "set the bar so high". 'Bourne' Jeremy Renner 'perfectly cast' Edward Norton talks playing Bourne's latest antagonist, Fight Club and his Dictator cameo. Edward Norton on 'Bourne Legacy' - Q&A Tony Gilroy says there have been "no conversations" about Matt Damon returning. 'Bourne' director on Matt Damon leaving Edward Norton says he is a major admirer of director Tony Gilroy. 'Bourne' Ed Norton: 'Gilroy drew me in' The cast and crew discuss how the film fits into the wider franchise. 'Bourne Legacy': New video featurette Renner's Aaron Cross goes on the run with Weisz's scientist. Jeremy Renner in new Bourne Legacy video Jeremy Renner leaps to Rachel Weisz's rescue in the first clip from The Bourne Legacy. 'The Bourne Legacy' releases first video Edward Norton's villain features heavily in the promos. 'The Bourne Legacy' new videos The film will be marketed as Bourne 4 in some foreign territories. 'Bourne Legacy' new international poster Weisz plays a "nice, normal person" who is thrown together with Jeremy Renner. Rachel Weisz on 'Bourne Legacy' role See the first image of Weisz, whose role in the film is still under wraps. Renner, Weisz in new 'Bourne Legacy' pic Jason Bourne's successor is showcased in the new trailer. International 'Bourne' trailer debuts Jeremy Renner steps in for Matt Damon in the debut trailer for The Bourne Legacy. 'The Bourne Legacy' trailer debuts The first image of Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy is revealed. Jeremy Renner in Bourne Legacy: picture Matt Damon says that he would love to make another Bourne film. Damon 'expects Bourne franchise return' Matt Damon reveals that he would still like the option to return to the Bourne franchise. Matt Damon pulling for 'Bourne Legacy' Matt Damon again says that he would like to do another Bourne movie. Matt Damon: 'I'm keeping Bourne hope' Julia Stiles tells Digital Spy that she is "looking forward" to seeing the new Bourne movie. Julia Stiles 'excited to see Bourne Legacy' Jeremy Renner is reportedly offered the lead role in The Bourne Legacy. Jeremy Renner 'offered Bourne Legacy lead' Matt Damon says that he is not against plans to film a new instalment of the Bourne franchise. Matt Damon clarifies 'Bourne' comments Director Tony Gilroy reveals that the Jason Bourne character won't appear in The Bourne Legacy. Matt Damon written out of 'Bourne Legacy' Tony Gilroy takes directing duties from Paul Greengrass for the next film in the Bourne franchise. Tony Gilroy to helm 'Bourne Legacy' Tony Gilroy returns to write the next Jason Bourne film The Bourne Legacy. Tony Gilroy hired for 'Bourne Legacy'