Treyc Cohen

Treyc Cohen
Category: Girls (Wildcard)

Mentor: Cheryl Cole

Age: 26

From: Tamworth

Judges' Houses: Beyoncé 'Ave Maria'
Number 1s Week: U2 'One'
Heroes Week: Prince 'Purple Rain'
Guilty Pleasures Week: Led Zeppelin 'Whole Lotta Love'
Halloween Week: Take That 'Relight My Fire'
American Anthems Week: Aerosmith 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' - Eliminated

Water-throwing, happy-slapping and more in X Factor's 10 most shocking moments. 'X Factor's 10 most shocking moments Katie Waissel pleads to her fans to petition for Treyc Cohen's inclusion in the X Factor tour. Waissel 'wants Cohen for X Factor tour' Treyc Cohen says that Cher Lloyd knows "how to get her own way" on The X Factor. 'X Factor' Treyc: 'Cher plays mind games' X Factor producers are reportedly planning for a double elimination on this weekend's X Factor. Double elimination on Sunday's 'X Factor'? X Factor star Katie Waissel says that she is "gutted" that Treyc Cohen was eliminated on Sunday. Katie Waissel: 'I feel bad for Treyc' Katie Waissel's older sister criticises Facebook and Twitter users for insulting the X Factor star. Waissel sister slams internet 'bullies' Treyc Cohen's sister claims that X Factor fans should boycott the show. Treyc sister blasts "freak show" Waissel Dermot O'Leary claims that his quotes about last week's X Factor have been taken out of context. O'Leary: 'I didn't say X Factor is fixed' Treyc Cohen's dad fumes that The X Factor is "a fix" after his daughter is voted out of the show. Treyc dad blasts 'X Factor' "freak show" Cheryl Cole claims that it is not her job to show Treyc Cohen's personality to X Factor viewers. Cheryl: 'I'm not to blame over Treyc' Treyc Cohen backs her mentor Cheryl Cole's decision to abstain from last night's sing-off vote. Treyc Cohen backs Cheryl-abstained vote Almost 15m watch Treyc Cohen become the seventh act to be eliminated from The X Factor on Sunday. Nearly 15m watch 'X Factor' elimination Eliminated X Factor finalist Treyc Cohen insists that she will keep on singing. Treyc Cohen: 'This isn't the end for me' Cheryl Cole explains her 'abstained' vote decision on last night's X Factor. Cole: 'I couldn't pick between my girls' Cheryl Cole's refusal to vote on tonight's X Factor sparks anger from viewers. Cole non-vote sparks 'X Factor' anger Treyc Cohen becomes the seventh act to be eliminated from The X Factor after losing a sing-off with Katie Waissel. Treyc Cohen voted out of 'X Factor' Bookmakers tip Wagner Carrilho and Treyc Cohen to be in danger on this week's X Factor. Bookies predict Treyc Cohen elimination This week's X Factor will have an American Anthems theme, it is confirmed. 'X Factor' confirms American Anthems theme Treyc Cohen denies that Chery Cole is favouring some of her other acts on The X Factor. Treyc Cohen denies Cheryl favouritism The X Factor finalists reportedly do not want to sing in the same part of the show as Mary Byrne. 'X Factor' hopefuls 'fear Mary Byrne curse' Cheryl Cole says that was she surprised the public didn't take to Treyc Cohen's rock performance. Cole: 'I thought Treyc rocked out' Dermot O'Leary describes last night's X Factor results show as a "big shock". O'Leary: 'Adeleye exit was big shock' Treyc Cohen admits that she is concerned about the way she is coming across on The X Factor. Treyc Cohen: 'I hope people get me' John Adeleye becomes the fifth act to leave The X Factor after losing a sing-off against Treyc Cohen. John Adeleye voted out of 'X Factor' Reports claim that next week's X Factor live show will have a Guilty Pleasures theme. 'X Factor' to have Guilty Pleasures theme? X Factor star Treyc Cohen reportedly has a secret management deal and has released a single. Treyc Cohen 'has secret management deal' Treyc Cohen reveals that her wildcard entry on X Factor has upset Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel. Cher, Katie upset at Treyc wildcard Four extra wildcard acts are added to the X Factor live shows. Four 'X Factor' wildcard acts revealed Bookmakers tip Treyc Cohen to be the most successful wildcard act on The X Factor. Treyc tipped for 'X Factor' wildcard success Cheryl Cole is reportedly spotted with a camera crew outside Treyc Cohen's home in Tamworth. Cheryl Cole 'films outside Treyc's house' Liam Payne and Treyc Cohen return for a second attempt at The X Factor this week. Two old acts return on 'X Factor' Former Judges' Houses contestants Treyc Cohen and Liam Payne return for a second attempt at The X Factor. Treyc, Liam return on 'X Factor'