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Digital Spy unveils an exclusive look at The Phoenix #114. Phoenix Friday: Mega Robo Bros preview Fantastic Four and FF will end in January after running for #16 issues. Marvel Comics to reboot Fantastic Four? The publisher reveals a brand new take on the supernatural anti-hero. 'All-New Ghost Rider' unveiled at NYCC The son of artist Jock creates a trailer for his run on the Marvel Comics title. Savage Wolverine gets unofficial trailer The Popgun illustrator will work on issue #15 of the Brian Bendis-penned title. 'Uncanny X-Men' appoints artist Kris Anka The publisher releases a teaser for the title bearing the caption 'The End'. Superior Spider-Man demise hinted at? The promo hints at trial by fire for the mutant team in the Marvel NOW! series. 'All-New X-Men' NYCC teaser released Marvel Comics announces more spinoffs from its upcoming Inhumanity event. 'Inhumanity: The Awakening' announced Writer Rick Remender explains what the event will mean for Steve Rogers. Captain America character death addressed John Cassaday pays homage to five decades of Marvel's flagship superhero team. Avengers gets 50th anniversary variants Marvel Comics names the Deadpool scribe as Zeb Wells's replacement on the title. Gerry Duggan named as new 'Nova' writer Marvel Comics teases the second issue in the Sam Humphries-penned series. 'Avengers A.I.' #2 cover design revealed The cover design for issue #15 hints at a romance between Beast and Jean Grey. 'All-New X-Men' to feature love triangle The title character will clash with Thor and a familiar foe in the issue. Avenging Spider-Man #18 teaser released Marvel Comics gives Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel more time to prepare. 'X-Men' title delayed until May The publisher's latest teaser suggests it could be planning its own 'New 52'. Marvel Comics reboot rumours intensify The publisher releases a cryptic teaser bearing the names of numerous heroes. Marvel Comics teases "huge" crossover The publisher also confirms that Green Goblin will return in issue #10. 'Superior Spider-Man' death hinted at Marvel Comics offers free download codes with every hardback edition. Marvel hardcovers feature digital codes The major event will reportedly begin in the first issue of Nova next month. Marvel Comics cosmic crossover rumoured Marvel Comics teases a betrayal in Brian Michael Bendis's new title. 'Uncanny X-Men' teases a traitor The writer does not know if he will reunite with his Indestructible Hulk artist. Mark Waid unsure of Leinil Yu return An alternate cover design featuring the comic's all-female cast is revealed. X-Men #1 gets Terry Dodson variant cover Marvel Comics also reveals interior art from the Brian Bendis-penned series. 'Age of Ultron' #1 to feature foil cover Simone Bianchi joins the Thor: God of Thunder writer on the new series. Thanos Rising: Marvel unveils miniseries Marvel Comics details the previously teased second arc of Mark Waid's title. Thor team-up confirmed for 'Hulk' Writer Brian Wood and artist Olivier Coipel will helm the new series for Marvel. 'X-Men' given all-female relaunch An online group calls for the retconning of Dennis Hopeless's Marvel NOW! title. 'Avengers Arena' cancellation petition The artist unites with Brian Michael Bendis on one of his Marvel NOW! X-titles. Frazer Irving joins 'Uncanny X-Men' Matteo Scalera replaces artist Valerio Schiti in the 'Ravenous' arc. 'Journey to Mystery', 'Avengers' teasers Marvel Comics releases a 'Birth' teaser for its latest initiative. Aaron, Bianchi conceive for Marvel NOW! The Hysteria creator will handle artwork on the second arc of the Marvel comic. Deadpool appoints artist Mike Hawthorne Walt Simonson joins Mark Waid on Indestructible Hulk in April. Marvel teases Spider-Man, Hulk futures Marvel Comics returns with its latest mysterious teaser. Marvel NOW! teases XX from Wood, Coipel The publisher introduces the new hero's identity in Amazing Spider-Man #700. Marvel reveals new Spider-Man's identity The artist replaces Stuart Immonen after the Marvel NOW! title's first arc. 'All-New X-Men' gets artist Marquez Cyclops, Magneto, Emma Frost and Magik defend new mutants in the new title. Brian Bendis details 'Uncanny X-Men' Cullen Bunn will write the four-issue title with Ramon Rosanas illustrating. Ultimate Wolverine miniseries announced A new ongoing artist is announced for the Marvel NOW! title from issue #6. Uncanny Avengers: Acuña replaces Cassaday Marvel Comics follows DC Comics New 52 example with the 688-page omnibus. Marvel NOW! hardback omnibus announced