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Top Story Watch Arrow season 4 trailer: Oliver Queen joins forces with Constantine and battles HIVE in the latest clip As villains descend on Starling City, The Arrow must rise again. Stephen Amell in Arrow season 4
From a new Weirdworld series to the latest artwork from Dark Knight 3. Week in comics: Weirdworld, Dark Knight 3 But don't worry - Banner's story isn't over yet. Amadeus is replacing Bruce Banner as the Hulk Lady Cop looks ready to kick ass in season 4. Get a first look at Rutina Wesley in Arrow Matt Murdock is about to get a new ally in his fight against The Punisher. Daredevil casts Stephen Rider as Blake Tower Rocksteady turns its attention to a new batch of issues, which will be addressed in future updates. Arkham Knight's PC patch works a charm Here is your first look at Diggle's awesome new helmet and gear. Arrow season 4: See Diggle's super-suit Cottonmouth is set for a showdown with Luke Cage in the Netflix series. Luke Cage casts its Cottonmouth It ain't easy being green. Hulk cut out of Captain America: Civil War First cover artwork for the Dark Knight Returns threequel has been revealed. Check out the cover for Dark Knight 3 Simone Missick is taking on the female lead role on the Netflix superhero show. Marvel's Luke Cage series casts Misty Knight "How many times can you make this franchise, for crying out loud?" Emma Thompson is seriously tired of Spider-Man "We need to finish this trilogy." Ron Perlman vents Hellboy 3 frustrations A familiar face from Daredevil will also have a key role in Luke Cage. Sons of Anarchy star joins Luke Cage The military has a dangerous mission in mind for the Woman of Steel. Supergirl casts Marvel star as Sam Lane Liev Schreiber "doesn't know if he's been invited back" for Hugh Jackman's final outing yet. Old Man Sabretooth to appear in Wolverine 3? Don't expect the Irrational Man star to say 'yes' to a cape and tights role anytime soon. Why Phoenix turns down superheroes The Marvel legend opens up about how much he makes off his famous creations (hint: it's nothing). Stan Lee teases X-Men: Apocalypse cameo Director differences? Editing problems? Nope, it's all down to the lack of a cameo. Stan Lee responds to Fantastic Four flop The comic book maestro picks the MCU star he's bonded with the most. Stan Lee's favourite Marvel star is... The android created by Dr TO Morrow threatens both Supergirl and National City. Supergirl casts its Red Tornado Garfield breaks our hearts a bit reflecting on his ill-fated Spidey tenure. Andrew Garfield: "I was never Spider-Man" Kevin Feige will no longer work with Marvel Entertainment CEO's Ike Perlmutter. Marvel Studios is now reporting to Disney Marc Guggenheim continues to troll fans with an exciting new piece of concept art. Is Green Lantern coming to Arrow? Some sort of Spider-prison, then. Like a web, say. Garfield compares Spider-Man films to "prison" "All 'part of the plan'..." Is Joker the real hero of The Dark Knight? A classic DC Comics villain will zoom into Central City this fall. The Flash casts Candyman star Zombie terror at 30,000 feet! Fear the Walking Dead gets web spinoff From a new Guardians of the Galaxy series to the Lakes' Canadian invasion. The week in comics: Hugos & Naked Tintins "It's like being in a gin and tonic." Watch Vision's amazing make-up video Alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. Seriously, start preparing to book your tickets now. Mads Mikkelsen to join Doctor Strange? The battle lines are drawn for Hawkeye, Black Panther, Vision and Black Widow in Marvel's Civil War. See some cool Captain America: Civil War art Former NFL star Matthew Willig stands at a towering 6ft 8in and will play a new villain. Agents of SHIELD casts 'big' star as Lash Alison Bechdel can't take full credit for the famous, bare-minimum standard of representation. Don't call it the Bechdel Test, says Bechdel Lovely as Aphrodite. Wise as Athena. Banned from lunchrooms. Wonder Woman lunchbox too violent for school Barry and Iris's love lives are about to get even more awkward. The Flash brings back Barry love interest The event that would never end passes beyond Marvel's latest soft relaunch. Marvel extends Secret Wars to 9 issues The Man of Steel actor won't rule out tangling with DC's super-villain team in the future. Cavill's Superman is not in Suicide Squad Central City is going to be overloaded with speedsters this season on The Flash. The Flash casts DC hero Jesse Quick Tokamak is "a charming, but cocky scientist" who was affected in the same explosion that created the Flash. The Flash season 2 casts new DC villain Sounds like we're in for a very long wait. Avengers/Guardians crossover to happen?