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Top Story Emily Carroll releases new horror story When the Darkness Presses The Through the Woods cartoonist posts a new Halloween story. When the Darkness Presses
Digital Spy unveils an exclusive look at The Phoenix #148. Phoenix Friday: Dave Shelton's Behemoth! The latest teaser recalls the controversially erased marriage to Mary Jane. Marvel teases Spider-Man as family man Ultron ruins Disney forever in HISHE's take on the new trailer. How Age of Ultron trailer should have ended The new film is based directly on the comic rather than the cult 1994 film. The Crow remake is "re-adapting the book" The reprints mark the 65th anniversary of the British science fiction hero. 2000 AD reprinting lost Dan Dare stories Irvine Welsh, Pat Mills, Mary Talbot and Denise Mina feature in the book. Edinburgh comic gets limited release Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are credited for X-Men, Fantastic Four and more. Marvel Comics now crediting Jack Kirby The publisher continues its classic event teasers with the time-travel tale. Marvel teases Hulk's Future Imperfect The Beano cartoonist releases an animation for his online store. Watch Zoom Rockman's Skanky Pigeon ad The superhero film commands social media attention after Marvel's announcements. Black Panther leads Marvel movie buzz Norman Reedus suggests he has no problem if Walking Dead's Daryl is gay. Walking Dead star slams "BS" Daryl report Classic and modern horror comics are bundled with novels and music. Humble Bundle launches Halloween offer Al Jazeera America releases digital Terms of Service comic. Al Jazeera investigates big data in comic The next issue of the street press comic targets a fresh batch of artists. OFF LIFE opens submissions for issue #11 The actress will appear in at least four episodes of Marvel's latest TV project. Marvel's Agent Carter adds Meagan Fay The Bad Mother Publisher original graphic novel arrives at the Leeds event. Midnight Man debuts at Thought Bubble The Nightmare on Elm Street creator launches his first comic. Horror legend Wes Craven writing comic Cosplayers at MCM Comic-Con call for more female comic characters on the big screen. Cosplayers want more female superhero films The actor is in line to appear as Black Panther in five Marvel Studios films. Chadwick Boseman has 5-film Marvel deal Avengers: Infinity War? Captain Marvel? Sound off on Marvel's Phase 3 here. Which Marvel film are you most excited for? Chadwick Boseman is debuting in costume in the third Captain America film. Black Panther has "big part" in Civil War The platform is adapting stories from the classic Books of Blood collection. Madefire announces Clive Barker comics Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige plays down reports of the casting. Cumberbatch not confirmed as Strange Gerry Duggan, Sean Ryan and more declare No More Bullying. Marvel unveils anti-bullying one-shot Marvel heroes attempt to lift God of Thunder's hammer before Ultron interrupts. Watch Avengers try to lift Thor's hammer Kevin Feige says there are no plans for solo films for the popular characters. No Marvel plans for Black Widow spinoff Carol Danvers is the first female to lead a Marvel Studios superhero movie. Marvel confirms female-led Captain Marvel Chadwick Boseman will play the titular role in the November 2017 release. Chadwick Boseman to play Black Panther Marvel Studios also reveals dates for Doctor Strange and an Avengers two-parter. Marvel unveils 9-film Phase 3 slate Marie Duval is credited as the true creator of the Victorian comics sensation. Study reveals true Ally Sloper creator Jonathan Hickman reveals that the artist has completed the final Marvel issues. Dustin Weaver completes SHIELD A total of 6.8 million viewers watched the premiere earlier this month. The Flash is most-watched CW show ever The British actress and model is rumoured for Warner Bros' Suicide Squad. Cara Delevingne to play Batman villain? Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirms changes to the Avengers roster. Age of Ultron brings new Avengers lineup Oliver East launches an exhibition and Orbital has a Halloween signing this week. Don't Miss: Adam Murphy, DIY Art Market The British Comic Award winner posts his entry to this year's competition. Robert Ball reveals Observer/Cape entry The bootleg animated series from Dredd producer Adi Shankar is released. Judge Dredd: Superfiend released in full ABC's synopsis reveals Howard Stark's involvement with Agent Carter. What's in store for Agent Carter? Doctor Strange or Captain America news is being rumoured. Marvel to make surprise announcement The actor was thought to be out of the running due to theatre commitments. Benedict Cumberbatch chosen for Doctor Strange