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Top Story Fantastic Four "was a hard movie to make", says producer Simon Kinberg "I do think that there is a great Fantastic Four movie with that cast," producer Simon Kinberg says. Kate Mara and Miles Teller in Fantastic Four (2015)
Publication claims that the event two-parter will have a generous kitty to spend. Avengers sequels to have $1bn budget? Producer Scott Rudin is taking the supernatural DC movie under his wing. Justice League Dark film is still a thing Take a deep dive into the costumes of Dawn of Justice. See Batman v Superman costume video "Captain Marvel pushed back until the resurrection of Jesus Christ." Captain Marvel fans angry about movie delay Prepare for even more shrinkage! An Ant-Man sequel is officially happening English accent alert! David Tennant in scary Jessica Jones clip Sneeper is an alien species in the Marvel sequel - but can mean something very different. Guardians 2 includes naughty Icelandic word Look at Batman, Superman and Captain America, though. Those guys are HUGE. Deadpool's Reynolds not scared of rivals Your favourite intergalactic Liberace impersonator is back, back, back... Del Toro WILL return for Guardians 2 But is the Marvel Studios boss convinced enough to cast her? Marvel boss 'loves' Ronda Rousey campaign Bet you didn't see this coming, either (or maybe you did). New Age of Ultron deleted scene arrives Number Six will play comic character FBI Special Agent Lange in the PlayStation series. Powers season 2 adds BSG's Tricia Helfer New York Comic-Con attendees can pick up the artwork this weekend. Daredevil S2 gets stylish comic book art Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman et al could be back in action on the small screen. Cartoon Network for new Justice League? Director Jon Watts hints that black hispanic Spider-Man could put in an appearance. Could Miles Morales be in Spider-Man film? Elizabeth Olsen on why she was missing from Marvel's concept art. Which side is Scarlet Witch on in Civil War? "There's definitely going to be a lot of intense action and a lot of awesome boat stuff." Fear the Walking Dead's seafaring season 2 teased First Marvel movie led by an African-American actor is firming up creative team. Marvel close to Black Panther writer deal Can the Man Who Saved Central City save it once again? Who ruins The Flash's ceremony? Now we're really jonesing for some Jones. Moody new Jessica Jones teaser lands "I just don't think that's something that would be a natural outgrowth of who our characters are." Why Fear won't cross over with Walking Dead Oh Jared, you big Joker. Will Smith has "never met Jared Leto" 2016 is officially the year of superhero fisticuffs. Marvel Comics tease Civil War 2? 'The Man Who Saved Central City' earns solid (spoiler-free) reviews. The Flash season 2 premiere wows critics "I want that to happen... I pray every day, and night, and afternoon." Bautista wants Guardians/Avengers crossover Viral marketing campaign hints at a major change in DC Comics villain's origin. Does Batman v Superman feature Lex's son? Rankin slinks into role as a manipulative cop in Fox drama. Breaking Bad star joins DC's Lucifer Things are heating up in Central City. See The Flash season 2 trailer Clue: He previously wrote Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Dark Shadows. Who's directing The Flash movie? Exclusive: Bet you didn't see this one coming... Why Loki was cut from Avengers Flight 462 centres on a flight where one passenger is discovered to be infected. Fear the Walking Dead debuts web series in US Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are sticking together for Natasha's new solo series. Black Widow gets Daredevil team, will be awesome That hat probably won't offer him much protection in a head-on collision. The Flash: Here's a closer look at Jay Garrick There's big changes happening throughout the upcoming season. Oliver Queen will be funnier in Arrow season 4 From blood-suckers to world-destroyers… Has Thor 3 found its director? Ever wondered who cleans up messes made by superheroes? Marvel is making its first comedy series Miniseries and awards galore in the comics news from the past seven days. The week in comics: Uncanny X-Men #600 dated You can do your bit in the fine tradition of lampooning politics through comics. OFF LIFE gets political for Yellow Kickstarter To be fair, he's earned it. Ryan Reynolds steals Deadpool prop The game will go on sale around the same time as a new update. Arkham Knight returns to PC later this month