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Red 5 Comics announces 'Drone'

Red 5 Comics announces 'Drone'
Red 5 Comics has announced that its latest science fiction series Drone will debut in November.

According to the publisher, the forthcoming miniseries is an action-adventure "in the spirit of War Games, with the robotic action of Terminator and Transformers".

Set in the near future, the plot follows a group of computer hackers who commandeer an army of lethal hi-tech robots designed for warfare. When a rebel organisation captures a group of drones and locks out the US military, the hackers are called upon for assistance.

The series was created by Red 5 Comics co-founder Scott Chitwood, featuring artwork from Randy Kintz and colours by Garry Henderson.

Drone #1 (of 4) is released in November. The first issue is now available to pre-order from comic book retailers.
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