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'World of New Krypton' concludes

'World of New Krypton' concludes
DC has announced its plans for the Man of Tomorrow following the conclusion of its Superman: World of New Krypton series.

Greg Rucka (Detective Comics) and James Robinson's (Starman) limited series will finish next year with issue #12.

World of New Krypton will be followed by an as-yet unnamed miniseries - written by Robinson and Supergirl's Sterling Gates - which will tie in to all the Superman related titles: Superman, Action Comics, Supergirl and the newly-rebooted Adventure Comics.

The miniseries will be pencilled by World of New Krypton's Pete Woods.

Earlier this month, DC unveiled its plans for a major storyline called 'War of the Supermen', which will begin in summer 2010.

World of New Krypton #12 is out on February 3. The following miniseries is due to debut in March.
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