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'Joe' appeals to readers' inner child

'Joe' appeals to readers' inner child
Artist Sean Murphy has promised that Joe the Barbarian will appeal to the adult and child in readers.

Murphy likened the forthcoming miniseries - which writer Grant Morrison (Batman and Robin, The Invisibles) has described as "Home Alone meets Lord of the Rings" - to children's fantasy The Neverending Story.

"Instead of trying to out-write Grant's description, I’ll just say this: Joe the Barbarian will entertain the adult and the kid in you at the same time," Murphy told Newsarama.

"Hopefully it'll reach you on a more emotional level than most books. I don't think there's been anything like this and on this scale ever attempted in comics."

Joe the Barbarian is the story of a young diabetic who travels to a fantastic world when he misses his medication.

The comic takes objects in the real world and weaves them into the imagery of Joe's fantasy land.

"I think a lot of us in the industry - comic book artists, readers, writers, fans, etc - all suffer from the same affliction as Joe: an overactive imagination," said Murphy. "Building the world is still a difficult task, but I enjoy it a lot."

Joe the Barbarian will debut on January 20, 2010.
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