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'The Authority' explores Carrier origin

'The Authority' explores Carrier origin
Writers Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin have revealed their plans to detail the origin of the Authority's interdimensional base, the Carrier.

The pair - who recently took over the writing duties of The Authority for Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning - have said that they will finally reveal the architects of the ship that can travel through the space between universes.

"That was our concept," Bernardin told "Who built the Carrier, and what if they want it back? How could this band of superheroes hope to hold their own against an intelligence who managed to build a shiftship like that?"

"And could the technology these superior beings possess hold the secret to saving the Earth they have left behind?" added Freeman.

The storyline will see a major change in the lineup of the Authority as members of the team decide whether to remain on Earth or accompany the carrier into the unknown.
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