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Brian Wood teases future projects

Brian Wood has teased some of his upcoming projects following the conclusion of his Vertigo titles.

The creator published a list of the comics he is working on on his blog, including a creator-owned, "stylistic follow-up to DMZ", a creator-owned "digital-first project", a shorter and longer licensed series and "some big superhero stuff".

Wood said: "This will be an entirely new phase of my career."

He also announced a collection of his Image Comics title Channel Zero, including the Jennie 1.0 prequel.

Wood said that his DMZ follow-up is due to be announced at New York Comic-Con, and will be "socio-political in nature but not a book about America".

The writer and artist's two Vertigo titles DMZ and Northlanders are both nearing their conclusions.

Wood revealed recently that his exclusive contract had expired. A last minute change of plan meant that he was not involved in DC Comics' up-coming reboot.

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