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Marvel Comics teases changes in 'Fantastic Four' titles

Marvel Comics has released teasers for its Fantastic Four titles.

The publisher previewed the covers for December's Fantastic Four #601 and FF #13, both written by Jonathan Hickman.

The latter cover is particularly intriguing, featuring a saluting Franklin Richards standing before an FF uniform-wearing Doctor Doom.

"In Doom we trust," reads the caption.

The other image shows the Thing and his catchphrase "It's clobberin' time".

Fantastic Four and FF teaser

© Marvel Comics

Hickman has hinted at a vital role for Doom during his run on the titles.

Fantastic Four went on hiatus last year, replaced by FF, standing for the Future Foundation, which Mr Fantastic created as a problem-solving think tank.

The title will return with Fantastic Four #600, and will be illustrated by Steve Epting moving forward.

FF will continue under artist Juan Bobillo.

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