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Marvel NOW!: Tom Brevoort teases X-Force, X-23

Tom Brevoort has teased some of the characters that will feature in Marvel NOW!

Speaking at Marvel Comics' Baltimore Comic-Con panel, the executive editor said that there will be an X-Force title moving into the new initiative, hinting that there may even be two.

X-23, Cover

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Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force

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He promised that Wolverine clone X-23 would feature in one of the titles under the forthcoming banner.

He also said that the original Nick Fury would return following the introduction of his son, who has featured heavily in Marvel NOW!'s teasers.

"We can have two Nick Fury's - it'll be okay," he said.

The X-23 solo title was one of the victims of a string of cancellations Marvel announced in 2011.
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