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'Green Lantern 2' movie rumours quashed

Rumours of the existence of a Green Lantern 2 movie script have been quashed.

Marc Guggenheim, who was credited as one of the writers of the screenplay by Cosmic Book News, has denied the report.

Green Lantern Entertainment Weekly cover
Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War

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"Absolute bulls**t," he wrote in an email to ComicBook.com

The report claimed that the principal cast of Green Lantern - including Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan), Blake Lively (Carol Ferris), Mark Strong (Sinestro) and Geoffrey Rush (Tomar-Re) - would be returning for the sequel.

It was said to be based on the 'Sinestro Corps War' storyline - introducing Arkillo and Amon Sur in a plot in which Ferris is kidnapped to the organisation's home world of Korugar.

There have been rumours of a follow-up to the critically panned 2011 movie, especially in light of the plans for an ensemble Justice League film in 2015.
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