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'Ultimate Spider-Man' teaser hints at major changes

Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid. Please click here if you wish to continue.

Ultimate Spider-Man looks set for a major status quo shake-up judging by a new teaser from Marvel Comics.

The publisher is strongly hinting that Miles Morales will turn his back on his role as Spider-Man in issue #23 of the Brian Michael Bendis-penned series.

'Ultimate Spider-Man' #23 teaser artwork

© Marvel Comics

'Ultimate Spider-Man' #23 teaser artwork

David Marquez's cover for the issue pays homage to John Romita's iconic splash page in Amazing Spider-Man #50, in which the hero's costume is shown discarded in a litter bin.

Morales assumed the role of Spider-Man in 2011 after the Ultimate Universe incarnation of Peter Parker was killed off in a battle with the Green Goblin.

Marvel has also teased wholesale changes in its Superior Spider-Man title, hinting at jeopardy for the title character in an upcoming storyline.

Ultimate Spider-Man #23 is released in May.
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