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'Rachel Rising' pilot in the works - Comic-Con

A Rachel Rising television pilot is currently in the works.

The comic's creator Terry Moore offered an update on the adaptation at San Diego Comic-Con International.

'Rachel Rising' cover artwork

© Terry Moore

'Rachel Rising' cover artwork

"It was acquired last year and it takes a while for them to ramp up and then earlier this year the company announced that they were going to move forward with it - they're going to make a pilot and work it," Moore told ComicBook.com.

"So they are and I had a meeting with them today. Things look great and more power to them. It's in its early stage and they're working on a pilot."

Watchmen and Hellboy producer Lloyd Levin is attached to executive produce the project.

The Walking Dead consultant Ben Roberts will serve as producer.

The adaptation of Moore's latest project Rachel Rising was first announced at Comic-Con 2012.
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