The final instalment in the StarCraft 2 trilogy also gets a new trailer. StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void dated The Warcraft-themed card game is a must-play on iPad or PC. Here's how to get good quickly. 6 Hearthstone tips to go from beginner to pro 'The Grand Tournament' expansion includes 132 new cards available in total. Hearthstone's second expansion now available Final Fantasy XIV now boasts 5 million registered players worldwide. Final Fantasy 14 closes in on Warcraft The Easter egg can be found on the main screen of the online multiplayer game. Play Duck Hunt minigame in Heroes of the Storm Blizzard Entertainment's first digital card game dominates the genre. Hearthstone makes $20 million a month Blizzard confirms it doesn't have anything to announce 'at this time'. Unannounced Diablo project in the works Explore The Broken Isles with the new Demon Hunter character class. Legion is the new World of Warcraft expansion From new Heroes of the Storm characters to new Hearthstone features, all that was revealed at gamescom. Everything Blizzard has revealed at gamescom From Xbox to a new World of Warcraft expansion, here's what to come from Europe's biggest games expo. What to expect from gamescom this week The reveal will be made during a special event on August 6 that will be livestreamed. World of Warcraft getting a new expansion A total of 132 new cards will be added to the mix in the latest expansion. Hearthstone's next expansion set for August The announcement will be made at an event that will be livestreamed via Twitch. Hearthstone to soon share 'momentous' news Blizzard sends a message to fans that teases an impending announcement. Hearthstone expansion news coming soon? Can you survive the hardcore 'Torment X' difficulty level? Lots of new goodies coming to Diablo 3 Fury of Hellfire update adds dozens of new features to the online behemoth. World of Warcraft new patch lands June 23 The new mode gets unlocked once players have a level 20 Hero. Hearthstone adds new Tavern Brawl mode Blizzard shares a GIF image that suggests new in-game content is on the way. Hearthstone appears to be teasing a new mode Gain access to new animated portraits, new card backs, power animations and more. Hearthstone heroes get a premium makeover Blizzard's new all-star game is designed to be faster than DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Why Heroes settled on 20 minute matches Blizzard Entertainment explain why the marine had to lose his signature cigar. Heroes of the Storm forced to alter Tychus We've had technical alphas and closed betas, but now Heroes of the Storm is in the wild. Heroes of the Storm enters open beta Developer Blizzard Entertainment reveals new character Mercy in its latest video. Who's the latest addition to Overwatch? Cows are invading Blizzard Entertainment's action role-playing game until May 21. Diablo 3 celebrates anniversary with cows While the spoils aren't quite as good as last time, this is the best Adventure yet. Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain reviewed Blizzard toughtens its stance on botting cheats. Blizzard clamps down on WoW botting A total prize pool of over $1.2 million in cash and prizes will be offered. Heroes of the Storm gets global tournament The most infamous battlecry - which has seen tributes in Hearthstone and Jeopardy - turns 10. Leeroooy Jenkins! Warcraft meme turns 10 Troublesome servers last week see European players get two free card packs. Hearthstone apologises with free card packs The in-game items allow players to exchange gold and game time between one another. World of Warcraft Tokens launching today The Heroes of the Storm open beta will kick off on May 20. Heroes of the Storm launching in June The mobile version of the virtual card game introduces a new interface. Hearthstone now available on mobile The card game's second adventure mode pits players against single-player bosses.
Hearthstone's 'Blackrock Mountain' out now Blizzard fixes numerous bugs and makes countless user-interface improvements. Hearthstone issues Blackrock Mountain update Pre-purchasing the card game expansion unlocks the Molten Core card back. New Hearthstone expansion out very soon A player of the virtual card game successfully finishes their record-breaking attempt. Longest Hearthstone turn ever breaks record Get a beta key for Blizzard's invite-only multiplayer game Heroes of the Storm. Grab one of 1,750 Heroes of the Storm keys 'Tomb of the Spider Queen' is a brand new 3-lane battleground. Heroes of the Storm adds character and map Blizzard is also trying to make the most out of mobile phone battery life. Hearthstone reveals mobile multiplayer plans 'Blackrock Mountain' will pave the way for players to create their own Dragon decks. Hands-on with Hearthstone's new adventure