Vault space will increase to 24 for armour and items, and 36 for weapons. Destiny update to expand vault space The first-person shooter relies on colour to communicate information to the player. Destiny update to add colourblind mode Bungie reveals set of planned features for an upcoming update for the shooter. Destiny update might add more vault space Bungie shooter beats Alien Isolation, Mario Kart 8 and more to the gong. Destiny claims the BAFTA for Best Game Bungie releases a minor update for its first-person shooter. Destiny update makes back-end changes The first-person shooter's next update is still planned for February. Destiny going offline for maintenance Expansion said to contain a new Awoken storyline, additional maps, weapons and more. Destiny's 'House of Wolves' DLC out in May? Bungie is working to resolve the issue by the end of February. Destiny to fix disappearing heavy ammo bug Bungie wants fewer barriers for equipping upgrades in the next expansion. Destiny won't make same mistakes in new DLC Users can also unlock new primary weapons, a ship and shader. Destiny: Crota's End hard mode dated An excellent Raid fails to make up for an underwhelming and frustrating update. Destiny: The Dark Below reviewed A patch going live next week will fix a number of common exploits in the latest Raid. Destiny to fix Crota's End raid exploits Bungie teased a 'Legendary token of gratitude' to Destiny players. But what is it? Free holiday gift arrives for Destiny players Plague of Darkness is rumoured to be a standalone expansion pack. Destiny 'to get large expansion this year' Bungie warns that users may experience disconnects until the issue is resolved. Destiny experiencing connection issues PSN and Xbox Live services were down over the Christmas period. Destiny extends Xur trading due to outage The latest update for the game includes improvements to weapons, gear and more. Destiny corrects issues from 'Dark Below' Join us as we blast through story missions in the first expansion live on Twitch. Hands-on video with Destiny: The Dark Below Bungie is working on new weapons and enemies for the Destiny sequel. Destiny characters to be carried over From Assassin's Creed to Doctor Who, we bring you the week's biggest gaming news. The 9 biggest gaming stories of the week Bungie would rather introduce the ability to advertise for Raid partners. Destiny not adding matchmaking to Raids The latest patch for the shooter introduces new ways to upgrade materials. Destiny adds new ways to upgrade materials Bungie unveils a preview video for the shooter's upcoming first expansion. Watch a preview of Destiny's 'Dark Below' New trailer for Bungie's latest shooter explores its 'The Dark Below' expansion. Watch a trailer for Destiny's 'Dark Below' The update addresses matchmaking, user-interface and campaign issues. Halo matchmaking patch out today The EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow will automatically be given to expansion pass holders. Destiny expansion pass grants new vehicle Users can participate in story missions, co-op and social activities. Destiny launches free trial on all platforms The patch re-introduces the Iron Banner event and makes countless fixes. Destiny releases huge pre-DLC update Opt-in voice chat with strangers will also enter beta from next Monday. Iron Banner returning to Destiny next week The online shooter will be taken down for approximately four hours. Destiny to go offline for maintenance The multiplayer shooter will also introduce a more generous Cryptarch. Destiny teases plans for future update Destiny users will receive new bounty slots, weapons and armour. Destiny issuing free content alongside DLC Bungie's Harold Ryan teases a faster, more loot-driven storytelling style. Destiny to present story differently in DLC Players can consume items that grant bonus damage and pumpkin heads. Destiny adds Halloween-themed content Only the elite need apply for the revamped competitive multiplayer event. Destiny promises hardcore 'Iron Banner' Users are spending an average of three hours per day playing the game. Destiny attracts 3.2 million daily users The Iron Banner enables level advantages in a special Crucible playlist. Destiny adds competitive Iron Banner event Destiny's 'Vault of Glass' Raid is currently for friends only. Destiny considering Raid matchmaking The latest patch for the shooter addresses concerns with how Engrams are earned. Destiny patch makes Engram rewards fairer New story missions, Raids, Strikes and more are revealed to one Destiny player. Destiny DLC expansion content leaked