The King's Fall Raid won't be available at the launch of the upcoming expansion. When does Destiny: Taken King's Raid arrive? Fans will have to find something else to do on Thursday evening. Destiny servers going offline for six hours The final livestream for the upcoming expansion takes place tomorrow, September 2. Watch Destiny: Taken King's launch trailer Strike Bosses will now drop unique gear for players to claim in The Taken King. Bungie reveals new Strike details for Destiny The game's developer is currently seeking to hire a 'PC Compatibility Tester'. Job listing suggests Destiny's heading to PC Here's everything we know about the first major expansion, from new enemies to settings and bonus DLC. Everything we know on Destiny: The Taken King The Taken King explains its big levelling revamp. And yes, it's finally giving you more Vault space. Destiny to introduce some major changes Bungie will soon host a livestream event that delves into the game's upcoming expansion. Watch the new Destiny teaser Yes, finally, you can now buy the Gjallarhorn. No big deal. Destiny's best weapon just went on sale As well as a hot fix, Bungie is "paving the last mile on the road to launch" with reveal-all live streams. Destiny gets ready to show off new content The Taken King has 'well more than twice as much content' as the Dark Below. Bungie defends £40 Destiny expansion Nolan North and Bungie re-recorded all of Game of Thrones star's original dialogue in the expansion. Peter Dinklage replaced in Destiny expansion The new limited-edition bundle can now be pre-ordered in the US for $399.99. Destiny-themed PS4 can be pre-ordered in US Players won't be required to switch characters between expansions or updates. Destiny Guardians with you for 10 years Xur will return with an Exotic Weapon next week, according to Bungie. Destiny vendor forgot to pack any weapons Fans of Thorn and the Gjallarhorn might want to look away. New Destiny patch evens the playing field Players are now able to log into the game's server. Destiny is back online after maintenance Players can get the special item by completing a list of in-game triumphs. Destiny players can get a special emblem The limited-edition system will be available this September. PS4 is getting a Destiny-themed console The Tobias actor tried to liven up the Ghost character, but his contributions didn't make it in. David Cross once wrote jokes for Destiny Bungie will invite players to express themselves as part of Bungie Day in July. Celebrate a year in Destiny on Bungie Day Players who exploit loot and bosses in Destiny are telling Bungie to change the game. Where does Destiny stand on exploits? The multiplayer event allows participants to enter a special Crucible playlist. Destiny's Iron Banner returns later today Fans no longer have to re-purchase content they already own to access emotes, shaders and more. Unique Destiny content now sold separately Bungie says the perks available to day-one players will be "better" than those in a £80 Collector's Edition. Destiny defends £40 expansion cost The game will be taken offline from 4pm UK time, and will potentially remain that way until 10pm. Destiny offline for up to 6 hours tonight The first-person shooter's next major expansion arrives in September. Destiny expansion has PS4-exclusive content Players will be able to arm themselves with newfound abilities, weapons and gear. Destiny The Taken King arrives in September The September expansion is said to have a new Raid, class abilities and a new enemy type. What's in Destiny's 'The Taken King' DLC? The recently-trademarked name and red logo were spotted on a new promotional case of Red Bull. Looks like this is Destiny's next expansion The patch includes changes to Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris, quests and more. Destiny's House of Wolves gets patched The second expansion to Bungie's online shooter is a fairer and more complete update. Destiny's House of Wolves trumps The Dark Below Watch us play through all the story missions in Destiny expansion House of Wolves. Watch us play all of House of Wolves' story Though 'House of Wolves' isn't out until next week, you can play new content right now. Huge Destiny update adds new content The first-person shooter's second expansion introduces new weapons, armour and more. Destiny trailer looks at upcoming expansion The issue could have impacted the way the game launches for a number of players. Destiny update hits a 'last minute issue' Teams of three can take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies in the new Arena. What is Destiny's Prison of Elders mode? Formerly dubbed as 'Comet', the standalone expansion is expected to release in September. Destiny's big expansion might have a new name Bungie says issues are affecting the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Destiny is experiencing issues on Xbox Destiny's "most intense" player-vs-player mode has no respawns or matchmaking. How Destiny's new multiplayer mode works