Ex-Criterion co-founders ask - should it be most like - the second, third or fourth game? Former Burnout staff tease spiritual successor The untitled project is in the early stages of development. Criterion reveals first-person vehicle game "Neither Nintendo or EA gave a s**t about it," says Alex Ward. Need for Speed developer slams Nintendo The Legendary Car Pack is available to Xbox 360 users for the next 24 hours. Burnout Paradise honours Harold Ramis The studio says its next project is "beyond cars". Criterion to reveal new game at E3 Criterion co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry opt for a fresh start. Criterion co-founders to form new studio Criterion Games is also linked with EA's upcoming military shooter. Battlefield spinoff in works at Visceral? The studio tells Burnout fans to "be patient". Criterion hints at new 'Burnout' game Most of the developer's employees have apparently joined Ghost Games UK. Criterion reduced to 16 employees 25 top cartoonists provide illustrations for the collection of classic films. Pope, Sienkiewicz draw Zatoichi box set Digital Spy looks back at Criterion's outstanding racing title. Games of the Generation: Burnout Paradise New developer Ghost Games on next-gen and how All Drive changes multiplayer. 'Need for Speed: Rivals' interview Need for Speed: Rivals will be released on current and next-gen systems in 2013. Need for Speed Rivals announced - trailer Creative director Alex Ward debunks Need For Speed and Burnout sequel rumours. Criterion has no plans for new 'Burnout' EA dates Need for Speed for Wii U with exclusive new features. Need for Speed: Most Wanted Wii U date Criterion channels Burnout Paradise to create an open-world petrolhead's paradise. 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted' review Criterion's racer sequel joins the list of current gen titles for Wii U release. 'Need for Speed' confirmed for Wii U Criterion Games reveals that players can play the racer for "hundreds of hours". Need for Speed 'lasts hundreds of hours' We chat to Criterion Games about the new, open-world Need for Speed game. 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted' interview Criterion creates an open-world petrolhead's paradise in the new Need for Speed. 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted' preview Need for Speed developers help work on the shooter's driving stages. Need for Speed team helped Medal of Honor Need for Speed: Most Wanted allows players to customise their cars with Kinect. Need for Speed's Kinect features detailed Developer states the upcoming racing game had to be open-world. NFS: Most Wanted "social", says Criterion Need for Speed: Most Wanted's pre-order bonuses include new cars and points. NFS: Most Wanted Limited Edition detailed Criterion's "stamp" will be on all future Burnout and Need for Speed releases. Need for Speed now managed by Criterion EA announces the next game in the Need for Speed series for E3. New 'Need for Speed' announced The Hoff tackles Burnout Crash! in a new trailer for its iOS release. Burnout Crash! iOS Hasselhoff trailer Arqiva says it is "disappointed" after Criterion fails to find funding for SeeSaw. SeeSaw closes after funding dead end The struggling web-TV service loses Channel 5 shows and three key executives. Channel 5 programmes slip off SeeSaw Burnout Crash is coming to XBLA and PSN later this month. 'Burnout Crash' release date set Reports suggest that Criterion Games is to release a new Burnout game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 'Burnout Crash' coming to Xbox 360, PS3? Criterion unveils the first batch of downloadable content for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. 'NFS: Hot Pursuit' DLC announced Criterion Games' latest Need For Speed effort leaves its competitors behind in the dust. 'Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit' (PS3) Battlefield developer DICE is helping develop art assets for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. DICE helping with 'Need For Speed: HP' Click here to view the announcement trailer for Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Trailer: 'Need For Speed Hot Pursuit' EA announces the Criterion Games developed Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for November. 'Need For Speed Hot Pursuit' for November A countdown clock appears on Burnout developer Criterion's website. Countdown appears on Criterion website