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Critics call the FIFA spinoff a good way to get hyped about this summer's World Cup. 2014 FIFA World Cup review roundup The current gen version makes its debut on April 11 in Europe. Critics impressed by Titanfall on Xbox 360 Watch the first trailer of the martial arts legend in action. EA Sports UFC trailer reveals Bruce Lee Ex-Naughty Dog employee Amy Hennig joins Visceral Games as creative director. Uncharted lead joins EA for Star Wars EA's Frostbite engine mocks Nintendo's Wii U console via Twitter for April Fools'. EA sorry for Wii U April Fools jokes The platform will cease selling physical titles in April due to lack of demand. EA Origin to become all-digital service The Fable creator says EA has done a 'great deal' for the gaming industry. EA is 'not an evil empire' EA Sports will mark five years of FIFA Ultimate Team with a series of events. FUT celebrates five years with free gifts EA Sports UFC makes its PS4 and Xbox One debut later this spring. EA Sports UFC gameplay video - watch 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil makes its Xbox 360 and PS3 debut in April. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil gameplay video The Plants vs Zombies developer lays off an unspecified number of employees. PopCap Games hit by layoffs The Xbox 360 version of the first-person shooter arrives later this month. Titanfall on Xbox 360 to be 'great' Microsoft says the current issues with Xbox Live are unrelated to Titanfall. Xbox Live issues hinder Titanfall launch Gaming publications give Respawn's new shooter very favourable reviews. Titanfall: Critics praise Respawn shooter "Neither Nintendo or EA gave a s**t about it," says Alex Ward. Need for Speed developer slams Nintendo Several PopCap games are featured in the latest Humble Weekly Sale. Plants vs Zombies in Humble Weekly Sale EA producer Matt Prior explains why 2014 FIFA World Cup is a standalone release. EA: 'World Cup too big for FIFA 14 DLC' 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil attempts to capture the carnival atmosphere. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil preview PopCap is now focused on both mobiles and PC and console, with a new IP on the way. PopCap working on a new console game The third-person shooter is "a service", with free updates responding to the community. PvZ: Garden Warfare free DLC in March Garden Warfare is not an exceptional shooter in any way, but will win you over for a while. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare review PopCap confirms the third-person shooter won't contain in-game payments at launch. No microtransactions in Plants launch The upcoming third-person shooter launches next week on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Plants vs Zombies hands-on - watch The distribution service offers the classic strategy title for free this weekend. Dungeon Keeper free on GOG EA Sports has nothing to announce regarding NBA Jam. EA Sports: NBA Jam teaser 'unauthorised' The first-person shooter's expansion pack contains four maps from Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 'Second Assault' arrives next week EA Sports refuses to comment on NBA Jam rumours. New NBA Jam teased by EA Sports Watch us take down robots and scale buildings in the upcoming beta. Watch us play an entire match of Titanfall Respawn Entertainment opens the registration for the game's beta. Titanfall beta goes live this week Fighters take twice as long to be scanned into the game as Fight Night Champion. EA Sports UFC to feature 100 fighters The submissions will take the form of a visual mini-game to bring the "battle to life". EA UFC features submission 'mini-game' Molyneux criticises Dungeon Keeper's microtransaction model. Molyneux: 'New Dungeon Keeper ridiculous' EA wants to target the largest possible audience with 2014 FIFA World Cup. FIFA World Cup next-gen absence explained The game hits Xbox One and PC before it arrives on Xbox 360. Titanfall delayed on Xbox 360 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will launch on PS3 and Xbox 360 only. 2014 FIFA World Cup announced for April EA Mythic's Jeff Skalski defends the game's microtransaction model. EA responds to Dungeon Keeper criticism We look back at EA Sports' Madden NFL '94 to tie in with Super Bowl Sunday. Madden NFL '94 retrospective The strategy game arrives as a free download via the App Store and Google Play. Dungeon Keeper out now on iOS, Android EA says PS4's attach rate is higher than PS3's. Xbox One attach rate 'down on 360's' EA says the challenges it faced with Battlefield 4 were completely unexpected. Titanfall to learn from Battlefield launch