The game will support all existing instruments and downloadable songs. Rock Band 4 confirmed for Xbox One, PS4 The reboot of the 2003 cult classic music game is set to launch later this year. Amplitude unveils debut gameplay trailer Harmonix issues statement regarding unconfirmed reports on the series' future. New Rock Band for PS4 and Xbox One? Is there more to 'Rise of the Fenix' and 'Back to the Shack' than meets the eye? Rock Band DLC hints at series return Developer gauging interest in a modern entry in the rhythm-action series. Is Harmonix making another Rock Band? The upcoming rhythm-action game won't see release until the summer. Harmonix's Amplitude delayed for PS3, PS4 Harmonix will release brand-new DLC for the rhythm game after a 21-month hiatus. Rock Band adds new DLC this week Disney Interactive and Harmonix announce DLC tracks for the rhythm-based game. Fantasia: Music Evolved reveals new DLC Harmonix Music VR is said to generate a variety of audio visual experiences. Harmonix making virtual reality music app? The Rock Band developer plans to reveal more about its upcoming project soon. Harmonix working on Samsung Gear VR content The music-driven shoot 'em up is available now for pre-order from Steam. A City Sleeps announced by Harmonix Fans are asked to gauge their excitement for a next-gen release of Rock Band. Rock Band survey hints at next-gen return John Drake worked for the Rock Band developer for seven years. Harmonix communications boss leaves studio The rhythm action game is rated T for Teen because of song lyrics. Dance Central Spotlight for Xbox One The latest trailer introduces a new urban environment called The Neighbourhood. Fantasia: Music Evolved dated with trailer Harmonix is in the process of restructuring for future development. Harmonix lays off 37 staff, replaces CEO Harmonix's Amplitude is backed by more than 14,000 fans. Amplitude closes with $844k on Kickstarter The rhythm-action game secures funds on its final day to release on PS3 and PS4. Amplitude reaches Kickstarter goal Harmonix is looking to bring the 2003 rhythm-action game to PS3 and PS4. Amplitude for Kickstarter campaign The developer says it has "grand plans" to bring both franchises back. Rock Band to be revived? Check out screenshots and a teaser trailer for the music-driven FPS. Harmonix announces new shooter Chroma Skyrim, The Walking Dead and GTA 5 - we conclude the best games on 360 and PS3. 20 best Xbox 360, PS3 games - Part Two Digital Spy remembers Harmonix's plastic instrument franchise. Games of the Generation: 'Rock Band 2' Fantasia and Dance Central studio says Xbox One is "a really cool platform". Harmonix praises Xbox One Kinect camera Disney announces a Kinect collaboration with Rock Band developer Harmonix. 'Fantasia' game announced for Xbox One Weekly Rock Band track releases end as Harmonix moves on. 'Rock Band' weekly DLC to end in April Dance Central 3 adds some nice new ideas to complement its strong gameplay. 'Dance Central 3' review Ten new tracks and pre-order bonuses announced for Dance Central 3. Dance Central 3 pre-order bonus revealed Harmonix talks time travel, track listings, Kinect and SmartGlass. Dance Central 3 interview with Harmonix SmartGlass allows players to change difficulties, queue up new tracks and DLC. 'Dance Central 3' to use SmartGlass Huge sale on Rock Band tracks for the next week. 'Rock Band 3' puts 1,100 tracks on sale Harmonix's latest Rock Band title gives fans a new way to enjoy their song library. 'Rock Band Blitz' review (Xbox Live) Dance Central 3 adds nine new songs, including Daft Punk's 'Around the World'. Dance Central 3 new songs, video released EA to remove Rock Band titles from the iOS app store. 'Rock Band' iOS app closing next week Rock Band Blitz will launch on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this August. 'Rock Band Blitz' release date announced We look at some blockbuster gaming franchises that have lost their way. Game franchises that fell from grace Harmonix is working on new IPs, which may branch out from music games. Harmonix working on three new titles A trailer highlights two of the new power-ups and 11 of the new 25 tracks. 'Rock Band Blitz' new tracks and trailer Harmonix denies Rock Band: Led Zeppelin after the title appears on a CV. Harmonix denies 'Rock Band: Led Zeppelin' Users receive messages saying that Rock Band on iOS will be closed. Rock Band app won't be shut down, says EA