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The free-to-play title from Lionhead Studios also receives a new trailer at E3 2015. Fable Legends coming holiday 2015 The multiplayer game will have cross-platform multiplayer between Windows 10 and Xbox One. Fable Legends coming to PC, plays with Xbox The HD remake of Peter Molyneux's Xbox title is coming to Steam next week. Fable Anniversary on PC dated for Steam This dogless multiplayer Xbox One game has a different take on the Fable series. New Fable 'biggest game Lionhead has made' Ted Timmins announces his departure from the Fable developer via Twitter. Fable lead designer leaves Lionhead Fable Anniversary's humour and charm paper over some of the game's rough edges. Fable Anniversary out today - our review Lionhead says it was "really challenging" to balance nostalgia and out-of-date elements. Fable fans 'want a remaster, not remake' The high definition remake launches next month for Xbox 360. Fable Anniversary gameplay trailer Lionhead boss John Needham says that the Xbox One allows for "innovative" online play. Fable Legends inspired by Dark Souls The Guildford-based studio is "working on other games". Lionhead working on non-Fable game The collection will include Fable 2, Fable 3 and Fable Anniversary. Fable Trilogy for February launch The studio head says he wants to bring the "magic" of online interaction to Fable. Lionhead now an online-focused studio Lionhead Studios has no plans to develop Fable 4. Fable Legends beta test for 2014 launch The Xbox One exclusive is an online adventure that pits Heroes against a Villain. 'Fable Legends' previewed: First details Lead designer Ted Timmins offers a rundown of the remake's new features. 'Fable Anniversary' remake coming to 360 A remake of the original Fable for Xbox 360 is teased with a trailer. 'Fable' remake teased - watch trailer Fable studio Lionhead wants staff with experience on large scale RPGs. Lionhead job advert points to 'Fable 4' The Fable developer hires a former CEO of the Star Trek Online developer. Lionhead hires MMO lead as studio boss Developers of Angry Birds, Fable, Sleeping Dogs and more on their 2012 highlights. Game developers on their 2012 highlights Lionhead to lose 10% of staff after releasing Fable: The Journey. Lionhead Studios hit with layoffs Lionhead says its still interested in smaller projects "without question". No plans for more 'Fable Heroes' We spend three hours in the company of Kinect adventure Fable: The Journey. 'Fable: The Journey' extensive preview Fable: The Journey's Achievements point towards Arcade challenges. Fable: The Journey Achievements revealed Lionhead announces a demo for its upcoming Kinect adventure game. 'Fable: The Journey' demo coming soon Lionhead talks us through the journey the team have taken with the latest Fable. 'Fable: The Journey' interview Fable: The Journey is Lionhead's largest game, covering hundreds of land miles. Fable Journey is Lionhead's biggest game We take the reins with one of this year's must-have Kinect games. 'Fable: The Journey' preview We chat to Lionhead Studios about turning Fable into a multiplayer Xbox Live game. 'Fable Heroes' interview with Lionhead Lionhead plays it safe with their multiplayer spin-off for all ages. 'Fable Heroes' review (Xbox Live) Fable: The Journey's box art is unveiled by Lionhead Studios. 'Fable: The Journey' box art unveiled Fable: The Journey won't tell the player what to do at any point in the game. 'Fable: The Journey' has no tutorials Peter Molyneux says using a controller is like the Hollyoaks of gaming. Molyneux 'bored of f****** controllers' View Peter Molyneux's esteemed game career in images, including Theme Park. Peter Molyneux's career in pictures Peter Molyneux announces his departure from Microsoft for a independent venture. Peter Molyneux exits Lionhead, Microsoft Fable: The Journey is given new details and images from Microsoft. 'Fable: The Journey' new details, images Lionhead Studios announces multiplayer hack-and-slash adventure Fable Heroes. 'Fable Heroes' announced for XBLA Fable: The Journey will be released in September according to a listing. Fable: The Journey dated for September? Lionhead Studios is counting down to next week's Game Developer Conference. Lionhead Studios to announce new game? Warren Spector is to receive a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' at this year's GDC. Spector gets Lifetime Achievement Award Rumours suggest the next numbered Fable title is already in development. 'Fable 4' rumoured for 2013