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Marvel says it will exchange covers from Axis #1 for the Final Issue Variant. Avengers ending with issue #44 The actor and Spider-Man fan voices Miles Morales in Web Warriors. Watch Donald Glover as animated Spider-Man Brian Bendis teases artwork indicated the return of the evil doppelgangers. Cancerverse Avengers return to Guardians? Simon Bisley and RM Guera join Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic for the bumper issue. Simon Bisley announced for Thor #25 Marvel introduces an alternate Spider-Man in the 'Spider-Verse' tie-in. Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman in preview The writer notes that his is the longest unbroken run on the character. Mark Waid celebrates Daredevil record The CNN anchor is playing an important role in Black Widow #12. Anderson Cooper for Marvel comics debut Marvel's solicitations reveal the end of two ongoing series. Superior Foes and New Warriors ending Marvel previews Chip Zdarsky's contribution to the event tie-in anthology. Sex Criminals artist does Original Sins Brian Michael Bendis unveils the 'Planet of the Symbiotes' storyline. New Guardians arc reveals Venom's origin Taschen unveils 75 Years of Marvel: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen. Taschen celebrates 75 years of Marvel Heroes are becoming villains and villains heroes in the upcoming event. Marvel inverting good and evil in Axis Death of Wolverine spinoff is a "darker version of Runaways", says Charles Soule. Weapon X Programme details revealed The publisher announces the comics selected by fan vote for the hardback. Marvel reveals 75th omnibus contents The Marvel Studios film follows the lead of the psychedelic original comics. Doctor Strange film is "crazy acid-trip" James Gunn confirms an Easter egg from his blockbuster Marvel Studios movie. Which hero was teased in Guardians? Sony has the choice of Black Cat, Spider-Woman and more from the Marvel universe. Female-led Spider-Man spinoff planned Tom Brevoort addresses the realities of the publisher's split franchise rights. Marvel exec admits reduced X-Men focus The digital comics lands alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy film. Guardians gets digital one-shot The artist announces his new role on Marvel Comics' All-New X-Men. Mahmud Asrar joins All-New X-Men The publisher unveils two tie-in miniseries for its 'Spider-Verse' event. Marvel reveals two Spider-Verse tie-ins Marvel Comics previews issue #19 of the acclaimed but long-delayed series. Which Marvel hero will be struck deaf? The publisher announces new tie-ins and creative changes at Comic-Con. Marvel's Comic-Con announcements Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land are confirmed for the new comic book. Marvel unveils Spider-Woman series Jason Aaron, John Cassaday and Mark Waid are among the contributors. Marvel announces three Star Wars comics Kieron Gillen, Phil Jimenez, Al Ewing and more are working on the comics. Marvel announces new title and reboot Dennis Hopeless and Szymon Kudranski are working on Captain America: Fear Him. Black Captain America for digital series Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña are reuniting on Marvel's original graphic novel. Avengers: Rage of Ultron OGN unveiled Editor-in-chief Axel Alonso reveals tabled plans for the X-Men's absolute victory. Marvel considered killing the Avengers The publisher previews James Stokoe's unique take on the Avengers of the future. Marvel's 100th unveils all-new Avengers The Thrilling Adventure Hour writers' run finishes in the autumn. Marvel ends Thunderbolts in October Superior Iron Man series is announced as part of the Avengers NOW! initiative. Iron Man gets Superior in Avengers NOW! Comics firm reveals the identity of Steve Rogers's Avengers NOW! replacement. Marvel unveils black Captain America Comics fans respond to the news that a mystery woman will be the new Thor. Thor is female - the internet reacts Marvel Comics reprints the original Star Wars comics series. Star Wars returns to Marvel Whedon compares the move to Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck changing from male to female. Joss Whedon reacts to female Thor A mystery woman takes up the iconic character's mantle in a new series. Marvel unveils a new female Thor The artist departs the new Marvel Comics series to focus on Luther Strode. Tradd Moore exits All-New Ghost Rider The comic book creator reveals his favourite self-penned story for Marvel. What's Stan Lee's favourite Marvel story? Marvel icon calls for Clerks filmmaker to oversee a Marvel blockbuster. Stan Lee wants Kevin Smith for Marvel film