Report says the Xbox firm, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei are all interested in the troubled phone maker. Microsoft pondering bid for BlackBerry? Clutter, searching and add-ins are on the agenda for the updated is about to receive an update It looks like rumours of a staggered Windows 10 release were accurate. Windows 10 will be a little later on Xbox Flow is a chat app from Microsoft that works in conjunction with Outlook. Is Microsoft making a chat app for iPhone? Phil Spencer says he thinks the device is a 'great part' of Microsoft's ecosystem. Xbox boss: we've not abandoned Kinect Google smartphone users get an "early look" of Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. MS Office preview now on Android phones Casey Hudson is overseeing new projects for HoloLens, Xbox and Windows. Mass Effect creator now overseeing HoloLens Those running a pirated OS will be offered "very attractive" upgrade plans. No free Windows 10 upgrade for pirates This week, Microsoft revealed the names of its Windows 10 Editions... get familiarised! The week's biggest tech news in pictures Getting fit with Google and biking with Boris lead this week's stand-out apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 9 of the best mobile apps this week Those who leaked the upcoming remake can no longer access their Xbox Live accounts. Xbox One users banned for leaking Gears of War It's like Apple and U2 all over again as Microsoft reveals Candy Crush. Candy Crush auto-installs on Windows 10 The briefing on June 15 will be streamed on consoles and web browsers. Microsoft to kick off a day of E3 conferences The Hyperlapse app lets users record and produce super-stabilised video clips. Microsoft app declares war on shaky video Windows Phone to be renamed Windows 10 Mobile for starters. Microsoft unveils 7 versions of Windows 10 Say Hola, Ciao and Nǐ hǎo for the first time without ever having to learn a word of a new language. Skype Translator is now live on Windows From the rebooted Flickr to BT's free storage, pick the right option to save your snaps safely. How to store your photos online The latest instalment in the action gaming series will be released on May 19. The Witcher 3 scales up resolution on Xbox One The latest system update for the console implements new SmartGlass updates. Xbox One May system update out now Both Dishonored and Gears of War remasters signal possible E3 reveals. Is a Dishonored remaster set for PS4, Xbox? Mojang dishes out free content to celebrate three years on Xbox hardware. Free skins for Minecraft players on Xbox Meerkat on your Android device, Tamagotchis on your Apple Watch, and more. 9 apps you should download right now Microsoft's not throwing in the towel on Windows, it's giving Windows 10 more regular updates instead. Windows 10 will be the "last" Windows Former EA CEO John Riccitiello believes that Sony was right to focus on the games. Unity CEO: 'PS4 nailed it, deserved win' Public preview version of Microsoft's new productivity software is now available. Now you can try out Office 2016 on PC Skype isn't being forced to change its name after EU ruling - but Sky could request a licensing fee. Skype's name deemed too similar to Sky's Do you value apps, screen or snapping skills over all others? Time to inform your phone purchase. The best smartphones for everyone Microsoft signs a deal with N-Trig - but did they use a real pen or a Surface Pen? Microsoft buys Surface Pen technology The planned closure of Sky 3D is among the biggest tech stories of the past 7 days. The week's biggest tech news in pictures Windows Phone users could be in for a longer wait for the new operating system. Windows 10 won't be on phones at launch Never run out of storage again with the Xbox 360's latest update. Add a 2TB hard drive to your Xbox 360 Computing giant rolls out a software development kit for Microsoft Band apps. Third-party apps to join Microsoft's Band Satya Nadella admits HoloLens was in the works when the firm bought Mojang. Why Microsoft really bought Minecraft This week's essential downloads for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. 9 apps to tool up your mobile device Scientists turn the accessory into a home system for helping those with the illness. How Kinect could help Parkinson's sufferers Teaser video shows the HoloLens hardware up close and personal. Microsoft offers a closer look at HoloLens You'll be able to hook your Windows Phone up to a larger screen and use it like a normal PC. Windows 10 phones will double as PCs Microsoft reveals the official name for its Project Spartan web browser. Microsoft Edge is Windows 10's browser Microsoft reveals its plan to close up the app gap between Windows and is rivals. Windows 10 runs reworked Android apps Master Chief squares off against Spartan Locke, but what role will the Spartan fireteams play? Halo 5 art raises more questions than answers