Accessory maker Satechi creates a physical Cortana button for Windows 10. Cortana gets a physical button accessory Industry analyst pegs the Chinese firm as the world's third-largest phone maker. Huawei shipping more phones than Microsoft Firefox firm accuses Microsoft of forcing its Edge browser on users. Mozilla isn't a fan of Windows 10 Microsoft reveals how many machines are running Windows 10. How many PCs are running Windows 10? Users can upgrade to the Microsoft Solitaire Collection Premium edition. Windows 10 makes you pay for no Solitaire ads Russian commercial has all the youthful energy of a Saturday morning cartoon. Windows 10's Russian TV ads are bonkers Microsoft hints that the operating system is almost ready for your phone. Windows 10 Mobile is 'feature complete' Xbox Music successor is compatible with Sonos's range of speakers. Microsoft Groove works with Sonos speakers It's complicated, but Windows 10 PC to Xbox One streaming is in Microsoft's sights. Microsoft working on PC to Xbox streaming Microsoft boss insists the operating system is not the result of past failings. Microsoft boss: 'Windows 10 is not our Plan B' The wait is over and you can now enjoy a free update from Microsoft. FREE! How to download free Windows 10 update Windows Phone users might be in for a longer wait than expected. When is Windows 10 coming to phones? It's here, it's finally here and this is how you can get Windows 10 for free... Windows 10: Everything you need to know Less than 24 hours before the new operating system lands, some have noticed an update available already. Windows 10 arrives on some PCs a day early Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games in August. Games for Gold lineup confirmed for August World's biggest tech firms support US government plans to tackle climate change. Tech giants back climate change proposals Computing giant wants to repaint your Android home screen. Microsoft is working on an Android launcher Company CEO Phil Rogers admits the deal "wasn't an easy decision". Tomb Raider team knew exclusivity would disappoint Wi-Fi Sense is great for sharing Wi-Fi passwords easily with friends - but it would be nice if Microsoft asked first. Windows 10 shares your Wi-Fi passwords Personalised maps and iPlayer Radio downloads headline our latest round-up. 9 amazing apps you should download now The company will have to contend with competition from Sony, HTC, Valve, Samsung and Facebook. Nokia to debut virtual reality product? The Xbox One version will be released at the end of August as planned. Gears of War hitting PC after Xbox One With a new director on board, we dig up everything we can find on Minecraft. Everything we know about the Minecraft movie Red Dead Redemption relegates to the second spot for the time being. Black Ops 2 most wanted over Red Dead on 360 Phil Spencer reveals the news in a discussion about PC to Xbox One streaming. Xbox One looks to be adding mouse support Microsoft may have posted big losses, but the Xbox division is showing signs of improvement. Xbox console sales and revenue up The company takes a bruising from buying Nokia for $7.6bn. Microsoft reports biggest quarterly loss ever The case may become a class action in federal district court. Xbox 360 disc-scratching lawsuit going ahead Microsoft is apparently skipping the Lumia 940 and 940 XL names for 950 and 950 XL. Lumia 950 could feature a metal body and USB-C The digital assistant will adapt to playful chatter in each country - so expect sarcastic responses in the UK. Cortana is acquiring dry British humour The company stresses that there is no evidence to suggest the vulnerability has been exploited yet. Microsoft sends out critical security update It's not clear whether Microsoft will bring the beta app's release forward after the leak. Microsoft's Cortana app for Android leaks YoVivo, ArtStation and a revamped version of BBC News headline our round-up. 9 awesome new apps for your mobile PCs will have to come with Intel's new RealSense 3D camera to support facial recognition. These PCs will have Windows Hello first Don't forget, it's completely free to download if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 already. Pre-orders begin for Windows 10 on USB Windows 10 is still set to launch on July 29 as a free download for eligible users. Microsoft has finished Windows 10 The official Xbox Comic-Con recap video listed an October 13 launch date for the game. Fable Legends gets 'incorrect' release date Company boss says it has some "premium" Lumias lined up this year. Microsoft CEO says Windows Phone isn't dead Biggest interest so far comes from the retail and healthcare industries. HoloLens won't be all about the games You'll have to wait till the end of 2016 for a Nokia smartphone, due to its Microsoft deal. Nokia will only return through brand-licensing