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We take a look back at the Nintendo Game Boy, 25 years on from its release. Nintendo's Game Boy turns 25 today Secure Axcess, LLC accuses the gaming giant of infringing on its patents. Nintendo hit by Wii U patent lawsuit "Nintendo could have kicked Disney's ass," says developer. Skylanders 'almost a Nintendo exclusive' The pink controller pays homage to pink-garbed Nintendo princess. Peach Pink Wii Remote revealed Yoshio Sakamoto says he wants to satisfy fans of the franchises he's worked on. Metroid director wants to advance industry Nintendo says same-sex marriages were the result of a game-breaking bug. Nintendo on Tomodachi same-sex marriage The latest trailer for the upcoming fighting game showcases new Pokemon fighters. Pokemon in new Super Smash Bros trailer The Pokemon X and Y Battle Tournament includes prizes to Japan. Johnny Vegas hosting UK Pokemon tournament Golden Sun and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity are previewed in new trailers. Golden Sun, F-Zero hitting Wii U next week The 3DS exclusive originally launched two years ago in physical form at retail. Kid Icarus Uprising now on 3DS eShop The 3DS game gives personalities to Miis, which come to life in unpredictable ways. Bizarre Tomodachi Life comes to Europe NES Remix 2 makes its Nintendo Wii debut on April 25. NES Remix 2 video teases games, mash-ups The launch of the Nintendo 3DS version of the game is planned for this summer. Smash Bros reveals new characters, modes The two versions will share characters but offer different stages. Smash Bros for 3DS months before Wii U Nintendo reveals it has started working on another 3D Mario title. New 3D Mario game in the works The update fixes an issue that prevented players from proceeding with the game. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze fixes bug A new trademark suggests the publisher may be working on an alien-themed game. 'STEAM' trademark filed by Nintendo The Pokemon Company also reveals that 20 billion trading cards have been shifted. Pokemon X and Y fastest-selling 3DS game Footage reveals the title character's Bell, Whip and Parasol abilities. Kirby: Triple Deluxe new trailer lands We remember Nintendo's ill-fated Virtual Boy console that debuted in 1995. A look back at Nintendo's Virtual Boy The Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct will provide new details on the brawler. Smash Bros Nintendo Direct next week Advance Wars, Metroid Fusion and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga arrive on Wii U. GBA classics launch in the Wii U eShop Mario Kart 8 features returning characters such as Metal Mario and Shy Guy. Mario Kart 8 trailer shows new features From Miiverse replays to its new tracks, the Wii U racer is a delight to play. An afternoon with "stunning" Mario Kart 8 Kirby: Triple Deluxe will make its handheld debut on May 16. Pink Nintendo 2DS launching with Kirby EA's Frostbite engine mocks Nintendo's Wii U console via Twitter for April Fools'. EA sorry for Wii U April Fools jokes Series creator Masahiro Sakurai suggests Luigi's moves have been tweaked. Luigi's vacuum in Smash Bros for Wii U The Zelda-themed add-on content is now available to download for free. Sonic Lost World gets Zelda DLC Wii U owners who buy the SNES classic will be able to save on Mario Kart 8. Super Mario Kart now on Wii U with deal Advance Wars, Mario & Luigi and Metroid Fusion will launch with the service. GBA Virtual Console games listed on Wii U Nintendo explains at GDC how the team tackled "series fatigue" with open contributions. How diversity shaped Animal Crossing 3DS Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright combines the best bits from both franchises. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright review Pikachu will be joined by Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur in Brazil. Pikachu unveiled as Japan World Cup mascot The Wii Sports Resort golf course is available as a free update. Wii Sports Club adds Resort golf course The 3DS platformer is a meandering adventure that's too gentle for its own good. Yoshi's New Island reviewed The GameCube classic will be among six other fighting games featured at Evo 2014. Smash Bros Melee joins Evo 2014 The Super Mario collection includes Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Toad and more. Mario-themed toys coming to UK Happy Meals The hand-held version of the upcoming fighting game features a new Pokemon stage. Smash Bros 3DS adds new Pokemon stage Indie Games include Cave Story, Steamworld Dig, Moon Chronicles and more. Nintendo eShop adds Indie Games section "Neither Nintendo or EA gave a s**t about it," says Alex Ward. Need for Speed developer slams Nintendo