The hand-held version of the Wii RPG launches in April for New Nintendo 3DS. Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for free theme The special-edition figure will be sold in the US exclusively at Walmart stores. Gold Edition Super Mario amiibo confirmed What influences you when buying a new console? Why is the PS4 outselling the Xbox One? Legend of Zelda hits Wii U later this year, but what do we actually know about it? Everything we know about Zelda on Wii U The video game giant presents the Princess Peach Award, Smash Award and more. Nintendo announces its own 2015 film awards The next instalment in Nintendo's party game series launches next month for Wii U. Mario Party series sells over 39m copies The game offers items that can be unlocked through gameplay or via in-game purchases. Pokemon Shuffle out now as free download The figurine will reportedly launch alongside Mario Party 10. Gold Mario amiibo to be retailer exclusive? A Twitch user collects everything in the game and pays off all debts in a new record. Animal Crossing world record set at 70 hours An upcoming DLC pack for the Wii U game will come with two new challenge modes. Hyrule Warriors to add playable beast Ganon Using an amiibo will unlock short sequences from select NES and SNES games. amiibos to soon 'unlock' NES, SNES games The consoles out-perform the launch sales of the original XL console. New 3DS sells 335,000 units North America is the biggest importer of amiibo figures with 63%. Who is the most popular amiibo figurine? YouTube user Artsy Omni reveals how he created convincing "leaked" footage. Watch how someone faked Smash Bros DLC The figures appear to have been outed on the Mario Party 10 website. DK, Rosalina and Wario amiibos coming? Licensing barriers prevent the company from launching TVii in Europe. Nintendo TVii no longer coming to Europe We rank Nintendo's iconic series ahead of Majora's Mask's release on 3DS. Ranking the Legend of Zelda game series The remastered version of the N64 classic is now available for Nintendo 3DS. Majora's Mask 3D gets accolades trailer The upgraded versions of two Kirby sub-games release as standalone downloads. Kirby: Triple Deluxe sub-games out now Make the 3DS game's opening hours easier with an upgraded wallet, fast-running mask and more. Finding the best upgrades in Majora's Mask GAME is also selling an exclusive Monster Hunter 4 bundle. GAME confirms New 3DS midnight launch plans Analyst Michael Pachter says Nintendo needs to be competing with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pachter: 'Nintendo in denial over Wii U' Users can now share photos, replay data and Mii fighter data. Super Smash Bros adds share mode on 3DS With both consoles having the same new features, the difference is one of comfort and cosmetics. New 3DS or the XL: Which should you buy? The Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate games also release this week. Majora's Mask, Monster Hunter themes for 3DS A free update for the 3DS version of the fighting game will release later today. Smash Bros 3DS adds amiibo support Nintendo wanted to make games based on the books, as well as a quidditch spinoff. Nintendo wanted Harry Potter game rights Super Mario is on hand to help you express your feelings to your loved ones. Nintendo launch gaming Valentine's cards President Satoru Iwata says classic franchises will be adapted as casual games. Nintendo wants more casual games on 3DS What Twitter users are saying about the prospect of a live-action Zelda series. Twitter reacts to Zelda Netflix series The hand-held remake of the Wii RPG is coming exclusively to New Nintendo 3DS. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D dated for US The upcoming series is described as a Game of Thrones for a family audience.
Zelda TV series in the works at Netflix The figures were spotted on the Nintendo compliance website. Are gold and silver amiibos in the works? On 3DS is the best way to play the unconventional - if sometimes frustrating - adventure. Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D review ★★★★☆ Coins can be exchanged for games or rewards through the programme before June 30. Final Club Nintendo US rewards revealed The remastered version of the Nintendo 64 classic launches next month for 3DS. Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D gets new trailer The 3DS eShop offers free demo version of the upcoming turn-based strategy game. Code Name: STEAM demo out now on 3DS eShop The Wii U Basic Pack normally retails for about £149.99 in the UK. Wii U sells for £99 in UK with retailer discount Nine standard and six Omega stages now support eight-person multiplayer. Super Smash Bros adds more 8-person stages Service gives users some advertising proceeds from YouTube videos with Nintendo content. Nintendo opens Creators Program for YouTube