Chip maker's Shield tablets are hot stuff (literally). Nvidia tablets recalled over battery risk This week, Spotify revamps with podcasts and videos in tow. The week's biggest tech news in pictures Amazon leaks a new version of NVIDIA's living room entertainment system. NVIDIA Shield Pro with Android TV leaked Nvidia confirms Batman: Arkham Knight will be joining its gaming bundle. Buy Nvidia device, get free Arkham Knight Nvidia makes a surprise announcement at Epic's GDC press conference. Nvidia reveals 'most powerful graphics card' The device is described as a revolutionary TV, games console and supercomputer all-in-one. nVidia announces Shield games console Nvidia Drive comprises an array of camera sensors and an on-board cockpit computer. Nvidia showcases smart car technology The 256-core mobile processor is capable of running the Unreal Engine 4. Nvidia reveals next-gen Tegra X1 chip Gaming slate to receive Android 5.0 and the Nvidia Grid cloud service. Nvidia Shield Tablet update due next week Second time around, Nvidia does a much better job with its Shield tablet. Why Nvidia's Shield offers great value New tablet expected to feature a Tegra K1 processor and the Android L OS. Has HTC been confirmed as Nexus 9 maker? Digital Spy goes hands-on with Nvidia's second attempt at a tablet. First impressions of Nvidia's new Shield Nvidia has another go at launching a gaming-focussed tablet. Nvidia Shield tablet and controller launched Chip maker fuels tablet rumours by scheduling a product launch for July 22. What is Nvidia launching next week? Chip maker rumoured to be developing dedicated Android gaming tablet. Nvidia Shield Tablet on the way? Half-Life 2 and Portal are available for £5.99 each. Half-Life 2, Portal out now on Android The Watch Dogs Nvidia promotion is running in the UK, North America and Europe. Watch Dogs free with Nvidia graphics cards Details of the next update for the Android games console surface online. Nvidia Shield update to add PC streaming Nvidia's CEO confirms the 2007 PC game will arrive on the Android-based device. Portal for Android-based Nvidia Shield Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia are on board for the Google venture. CES 2014: Android comes to vehicles Company unveils new super-powerful chip for mobile and tablets. Nvidia K1 phone chip tops PS3 graphics The Tegra 4-powered slate is now available for just £129 in the UK. Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 gets price cut The chip maker says small form-factor PCs should be an alternative to consoles. Nvidia: 'PC is superior gaming platform' Digital Spy gives Nvidia's first tablet attempt the review treatment. Nvidia Tegra Note review Nvidia's new budget tablet is a reality - here are Digital Spy's early impressions. Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 launches in UK 7-inch tablet designed to take on Google's flagship. Nvidia Tegra Note officially launched Nvidia earnings call apparently confirms Windows PC release of the upcoming game. 'GTA 5' coming to PC this autumn? Value for money tablet in the works with a Tegra 4 processor on board. Nvidia to take on Nexus 7 with Tegra Tab? The Android gaming console will now arrive on July 31 following a delay. Project Shield gets new US release date The Android gaming console will ship on June 27 with a price tag of $299. NVIDIA Project Shield gets price cut The graphics card maker shows off its Position Based Fluids algorithm. NVIDIA demos new water effects engine NVIDIA says its Titan processors offer more power than current consoles. Next-gen mobiles 'more powerful than PS3' A Greek temple collapses in the graphics card maker's video demonstration. NVIDIA tech demo showcases PhysX - watch NVIDIA didn't feel the cost was worth making chips for PS4. PS4: NVIDIA turned down production deal The graphics company distributes its latest development kits to PS4 programmers. PS4 supports NVIDIA collision technology The firm is reportedly in talks with Nvidia about harnessing its Tegra 4 chip. HP 'to enter Android tablet market' We assess Android's console surge with Ouya, GameStick and Project Shield. Android to challenge PlayStation, Xbox? Chief executive Kaz Hirai insists the system can reverse its fortunes long term. Sony admits Vita is struggling NVIDIA announces a portable games console that streams PC content. NVIDIA reveals Android games console Nvidia belives that the next-generation of consoles will be the last. Nvidia predicts the end of consoles