Quantic Dream

Heavy Rain is also coming to the Sony console, but only in Europe. Beyond: Two Souls confirmed for PS4 A mobile version of the 2005 interactive drama is also said to be in the works. Fahrenheit rumoured for remastering Rumours of a PlayStation 4 version of the Quantic Dream title intensify. Beyond: Two Souls PS4 listing emerges Beyond: Two Souls stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Beyond: Two Souls passes 1 million sales The 'Advanced Experiments' DLC is available now in the PlayStation Store for PS3. 'Beyond: Two Souls' DLC trailer - watch Digital Spy goes hands-on with Quantic Dream's interactive drama. 'Beyond: Two Souls' hands-on video Quantic Dream's latest divides critics in its approach to storytelling. 'Beyond Two Souls': What the critics say Quantic Dream's latest adventure is a breathtakingly cinematic experience. Beyond Two Souls review: 'A masterpiece' The Quantic Dream title can be played in its entirety with a touchscreen device. 'Beyond: Two Souls' playable with iPhone The upcoming action-adventure game features a soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. Beyond: Two Souls 'cost £17 million' The 60-second clip sees lead character Jodie Holmes reflect upon her life. 'Beyond: Two Souls' TV spot - watch David Cage says it was "scared" of the possible scandal around the child kidnapping story. 'Heavy Rain' turned down by Microsoft The Beyond: Two Souls studio head says games should tackle "subversive topics". David Cage wants more 'meaningful' games Beyond: Two Souls goes to war in Quantic Dream's E3 demo. 'Beyond: Two Souls' preview: Going to war Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream reveals the trailer for its latest game. Beyond: Two Souls trailer debuts - watch Beyond: Two Souls premiere from Tribeca Film Festival is to be screened later today. Beyond premiere livestream - watch tonight Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe star in the PlayStation 3 game. 'Beyond: Two Souls' unveils box art The new images show Ellen Page's character Jodie Holmes as a young girl. 'Beyond' images show a young Ellen Page Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dreams is working on a unique experience for PS4. 'Heavy Rain' studio confirms PS4 project Beyond: Two Souls will be released for the PS3 in October, Sony confirms. Willem Dafoe joins Beyond: Two Souls cast The Quantic Dream collaborator Normand Corbeil passed away on January 25. 'Heavy Rain' composer passes away Heavy Rain and Beyond developer Quantic Dream is working on PS4, says a domain. Heavy Rain creator 'working on PS4 game' Heavy Rain creator David Cage criticises the industry's reliance on sequels. Heavy Rain dev: "Sequels kill creativity" David Cage explains what appeals to him about producing cinematic games. 'Beyond' script is '2,000 pages long' Willem Dafoe will reportedly join Ellen Page in Quantic Dreams' Beyond. Willem Dafoe for acting role in 'Beyond' We take a first look at Quantic Dream's next interactive drama at E3 2012. 'Beyond: Two Souls' E3 2012 preview Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is reportedly working on two new titles. 'Heavy Rain' dev to announce game at E3? Quantic Dream is to release a toned-down version of its interactive drama Heavy Rain. 'Heavy Rain Edition Modifiée' revealed Quantic Dream boss David Cage says that the studio will not release a sequel to Heavy Rain. David Cage rules out 'Heavy Rain 2' Quantic Dream's David Cage says that 72% of players who started Heavy Rain went on to complete it. 72% of players completed 'Heavy Rain' Sony gives an October release date to the Move Edition of Heavy Rain. 'Heavy Rain: Move Edition' for October Quantic Dream places its Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC on indefinite hold at Sony's request. 'Heavy Rain' DLC on indefinite hold Unique Features acquires the rights to produce a movie based on the video game Heavy Rain. 'Heavy Rain' screen rights auctioned Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain shifts over one million units worldwide. 'Heavy Rain' sales exceed one million Quantic Dream boss David Cage says that Microsoft's Project Natal demo at 2009's E3 Expo was misleading. 'Heavy Rain's' Cage doubts Natal demo New Line Cinema options the rights for a film adaptation of Heavy Rain. New Line acquires 'Heavy Rain' rights Heavy Rain designer David Cage says that he is finished with making games in the thriller genre. 'Heavy Rain' helmer 'done with thrillers' Quantic Dream reveals that the Heavy Rain Chronicles will allow players to become the Origami Killer. Players to be Origami Killer in 'Rain' DLC The US version of Heavy Rain is given a February release, while speculation mounts over the European date. 'Heavy Rain' given US release date Quantic Dream's David Cage claims that Heavy Rain will be more than just a game. Cage: 'Heavy Rain more than a game'