Bezel-free design and front-mounted flash are among the phone's key features. Sony Xperia C5 Ultra says goodbye to bezels Sony and Microsoft have already confirmed they plan to manufacture consoles in Shanghai. China lifts game consoles ban after 15 years Five things we learned after playing with PlayStation's streaming service. Could PlayStation Now be Netflix for gaming? Sony kicking off new beat-em-up tomorrow morning with Ryu, Chun-Li, M Bison and Nash. PS4 Street Fighter 5 beta invites are go! Sony's new Smart B-Trainer will match music to your heart rate. Sony's putting a personal trainer in your ears Sony Pictures Animation will somehow find a way to make a whole film about the colourful emoticons. So an emoji movie is in the works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ System software update 2.57 improves the stability of some of the console's features. New PS4 firmware update coming soon Screens for a new theme released today suggest the functionality is coming to PS4. Is the PS4 getting a calendar app? Developers discuss the potential of immersion, interface design, interactivity and storytelling in the new medium. How VR can make you feel like Minority Report The Masters of Sex star will lend his voice to a robot on a spaceship in the film. Sheen joins sci-fi thriller Passengers The video game broke the Kickstarter video game funding record on Friday (July 17). Shenmue 3 Kickstarter raises $6 million Totalling nearly 4 minutes, the gameplay demo sees Drake attempt to avoid helicopter fire. Watch Uncharted 2 at 1080p/60fps As MP3 players face extinction, Tom Eames argues for their continuation. In Defence Of... the Apple iPod Users can rent games for periods between 48-hours and 30-days, with prices ranging from £2.99 to £7.99. PlayStation Now enters open beta in UK Which one of Kratos's adventures wears the blood-stained crown? Ranking God of War from best to worst Spielberg and Kanye were impressed by the much-anticipated space epic at E3. Here's why. No Man's Sky: the Star Trek gaming deserves? More of the mini-game collection will be shown off at the Paris Games Week in October. Playroom VR to be a Morpheus launch game Sony hoping to capitalise on the streaming craze with its screen recorder app. Sony Xperia app lets users stream on Twitch The limited-edition system will be available this September. PS4 is getting a Destiny-themed console For a limited time only, UK customers will receive the microconsole free of charge. 1TB PS4 comes with PlayStation TV in UK A new trailer confirms the re-release of the acclaimed PS3 adventure for July. Journey coming to PS4 this month Sony Mobile president denies rumours it could exit the smartphone market. Sony: 'We will never ditch smartphones' Sony's hectic release schedule is showing no signs of slowing down. Will we see the Sony Xperia Z5 in 2015? The unreleased console was a collaborative project between Nintendo and Sony. See rare prototype of the SNES PlayStation The social network has apparently spoken with Sony, Universal and Warner ahead of 'doing an Apple' Facebook to launch a music service next? The footage consists of a chase sequence to help Nathan Drake's brother evade danger. Watch E3's Uncharted 4 gameplay demo Sony uses the Cymatic effect to give a beautiful visual representation of sound. Sony shows how powerful its new speaker is Follow Digital Spy playing the latest games on Twitch every Wednesday lunchtime. Follow Digital Spy on Twitch Firmware update 2.55 on the console sees software stability improved. PS4 gets mandatory system update Electronics giant is experimenting with its own version of Kickstarter. Sony dabbling in crowdfunding in Japan Sony's Jim Ryan also rules out an official PlayStation 4 price cut. PS4 has up to 90% market share in Europe The Jet Black console will be available from July 15 in the UK. 1TB PS4 console sells for £349 in the UK Those who have been with the subscription service from the beginning get a gift. Been with PS Plus for 5 years? Expect a gift Mystery Sony handset is put through its paces in a benchmarking test. Could this be the Sony Xperia Z4 Compact? Users are experiencing 'slower-than-usual' download speeds from the PlayStation Store. Sony is investigating slow PSN downloads The artificial intelligence of the Trico character was considered too unpredictable by Sony bosses. Why wasn't Last Guardian played at E3? Digital Spy speaks to the Sony president on eye tracking, VR video and making Project Morpheus less antisocial. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on the future of VR Star has been posting impressive acrobatics on social media. Spider-Man actor Holland shows off stunts Marvel and Sony have found their Spider-Man. Are you happy with their choice? What do you think of Tom Holland as Spider-Man? Sony announces an 'Ultimate Player Edition' console as well as a lighter, less power-consuming model. 1TB PS4 launching next month