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Top Story 'Uptown Funk' gets mega movie mash-up... and it's amazing The incredible video took three months to make and includes 280 films. Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk video
The new cooking contest show presented by Myleene Klass provided much hilarity. BBQ Champ goes innuendo mad Kyle Chandler revisits his character to tell people to "turn your goddamn cell phones off!" FNL's Coach Taylor is back for a cinema PSA The Northern Italian city of Cesena could receive a visit from Dave Grohl and his band for viral video tribute. 1,000 Foo Fighters fans cover classic hit The wonderful world of Wallace and Gromit has been realised and it's awesome. Ejector beds are now actually a thing What to do when the camera pans away after your piece to camera? Pretend to use an iPad of course! Watch a BBC presenter tap invisible iPad Table tennis, meet Skynet. This robot will terminate you at ping pong It's the most distinctive part of the song, so why not make it the sole focal point? How 'Don't You Want Me' could have been Tina Fey woke up like this. See Tina Fey's amazing Beyoncé impression All of you Daryl and Rick shippers now have your dream picture. Walking Dead's Daryl, Rick in groping photo The little boy who took the internet by storm is now 9 years old. What does Success Kid looks like now? You're going to need to crash through some windows. And run… a lot! Learn how to be Tom Cruise in 2 minutes Your must-see 007 video of the day is Pierce Brosnan cut into the Spectre trailer. What if Pierce Brosnan returned as 007? Russian commercial has all the youthful energy of a Saturday morning cartoon. Windows 10's Russian TV ads are bonkers Anniversary stunt lets you share your best chicken skin-stealing manoeuvres. KFC crams photo printers in bargain buckets The Minecraft NI map is now available to download on the PC and Mac versions. Northern Ireland recreated in Minecraft Ron Weasley is hairy. Really hairy. Simon Pegg's Drunk Ron Weasley is back Although pledging his support to an important cause, the actor has provided the internet with a gem. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'ballsy' meme Great Scott, Marty! Look at that hair! Back to the Future meets Donald Trump Are you edgy enough for Edge? The Onion takes aim at Vice with Edge Welcome to the future Marty McFly, your hoverboard is waiting. This time next week hoverboards will be real The property has four bedrooms, two porches and original wood floors, but no meth lab. Jesse Pinkman's Breaking Bad house is for sale Risky Business and Top Gun fans should definitely see this. Watch Cruise's throwback Lip Sync battle The Queen star turns the air royal blue as she wakes everyone up on Good Morning Britain. God-Dame! Helen Mirren swears on TV - again "Jon Snow must die." Epic Hunger Games vs Game of Thrones trailer The development would mark Samsung's UAV debut, although the report warns "nothing has been finalised yet". Forget selfie sticks, how about a selfie drone? "If you have any info as to WTF is happening this season, please call: 910-337-2369." Bored of True Detective? This is for you Does the TV star have a long lost family member sunbathing nude on the beach? Davina posts hilarious naked lookalike Going to Disneyland or the Guggenheim? Leave that selfie stick at home. This is everywhere selfie sticks are banned The retired footballer now has a total of 35 tattoos (that we know of). David Beckham gets a new tattoo for Harper It looks like Tom has found his new songwriting partner should McBusted split. Tom Fletcher and son sing adorable duet It seems Neville Longbottom has a secret occupation on the side... Why is Harry Potter's Neville reading the news? Retiring footballer admits he's never played the title that made him a cult gaming hero. Cherno Samba never played Championship Manager Complete with gaming cartridge for additional features, the Smart Boy concept is an amazing design. This Nintendo Smart Boy phone is amazing Agent Scully's not alone out there, either. Gillian Anderson wants X-Files LEGO "He's having a sniff of me. His funeral!" Fan tries to sniff Colin Farrell on TV Rapunzel tale plays out on a phone screen in new YouTube short. Disney's Tangled retold using only emoji One Doctor Who fan bids a special farewell to his students at Beacon School in Amersham. Headmaster regenerates into successor for pupils Jeremy Hunt. 8 of the best ever news bloopers Did magicians really gatecrash Ashish Joshi's report from Westminster? Is this Sky News prank all that it seems? Get your mind out of the gutter! We're talking shrubbery. JK Rowling's bush trimming is a sensation