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Top Story Westeros meets Smurf village in Game of Smurfs animated parody Childhoods get ruined as the Smurfs engage in violent and bloody behaviour. Game of Smurfs
Star of BBC sci-fi makes a special appearance to mark its 10th anniversary. Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi surprises fans The wax museum will cater for emotional One Direction fans after Zayn's departure. Museum will provide tissues for Zayn fans Louis CK acts out what he thinks the New York City mayor is really thinking. Watch Louis CK act as anger translator Ever wondered what Helen Mirren's Queen's English would sound like on helium? Watch Helen Mirren accept award on helium Cameron, Miliband, Clegg and Farage deliver a soulful version of 'I Swear'. Party leaders 'sing' I Swear for Sky News The singer swept the board and screamed deliriously with Justin Timberlake. See Taylor Swift's crazed award reaction The 2015 intro to the AMC zombie series is recreated in LittleBigPlanet 3. Walking Dead gets LittleBigPlanet treatment Corden joins Beckham in a moody underwear shoot on The Late Late Show. See James Corden and David Beckham in pants Stephen Mulhern becomes MC Unbelievable for Britain's Got More Talent promo. Stephen Mulhern raps in BGMT promo The Rock's Bambi leads a gang of gun-wielding animals against poachers. Watch Dwayne Johnson play Disney's Bambi The Top Gear presenter treats fans to videos of him playing the recorder. May launches YouTube 'unemployment channel' Jimmy Fallon gives a Beach Boys classic a creepy makeover in a new skit. Fallon sings with five of his waxworks Aidy Bryant makes a sandwich of Dwayne Johnson and George Ezra in new sketch. Watch new Dwayne Johnson SNL promo Agent Spears, reporting for duty. Make Agents of SHIELD ID badges with app More than 220 requests were submitted after the boyband member left. 100s ask for time off after Zayn's 1D exit A 16-year-old encourages fans to raise a mere $877.7m following Zayn Malik's exit. 1D fans start campaign to buy the band The reality TV star goes back to black, and without any prior warning. Kim Kardashian West's no longer a blonde?! The actor reads out emotional tweets from fans about Zayn's 1D departure in skit. Billy Zane jokes about Zayn Malik in skit To Pimp a Butterfly went straight to number 1 after its surprise release. Kendrick has first No.1 with 'pimp' in title Successful candidates' faces will be used to add diversity to non-player characters. Homefront: Revolution looking for models Jeremy Paxman scares and Katie Hopkins wants to leave the country - here's the reaction to Battle for Number 10. Cameron vs Miliband: How Twitter reacted The singer stops in at their wedding reception during his national arena tour. Ed Sheeran surprises Australian newlyweds Madame Tussauds confirms that Zayn Malik's wax doppelganger is not leaving the band. Zayn's waxwork is staying with One Direction The series is known for being a bit risqué, but this is something else altogether. Game of Thrones now has its own Dildo Throne Lidl offers One Direction fans a small solace after Zayn Malik departs. 1D Easter eggs reduced after Zayn quits A player of the virtual card game successfully finishes their record-breaking attempt. Longest Hearthstone turn ever breaks record The pair perform the superstar's numerous No.1s in a new skit. Watch Mariah do karaoke with James Corden Game of Thrones meets Real Housewives in the eyes of Sophie Turner. Sophie Turner's Real Housewives Of Westeros "That's your question? That's your f**king question?" Is this the year's oddest interview so far? The 16-inch statue is limited to 2,000 units worldwide. Limited-edition Kirby statue for £149.99 There's been a lot of crying about One Direction's shake-up - we gather reactions. Zayn Malik quits One Direction: Reactions Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele - stars of Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens - unite in new photo. Lea Michele meets Scream Queen Curtis Dwayne Johnson trades porn names with Bobby Moynihan and reveals his new catchphrase. Dwayne Johnson reveals porn name for SNL The singer posts a picture of a doppelgänger fan on her tumblr. Taylor Swift shares lookalike fan on blog The singer's cute pet pooch Asia Kinney shares photogenic posts on her new page. Lady Gaga's dog has her own Instagram page Corden's new show shares a printer with long-running soap Young and the Restless. Watch Corden act out soap with Chris Pine The boyband member fills in for Zayn Malik's vocals on 'Diana'. Harry Styles high note is Best Wrong Ever Remember when your dad tried to be cool but pronounced her name "Bee- once?" Watch the Lib Dems mangle 'Uptown Funk' A father-daughter team use over $100,000 worth of Lego to make the stop-motion. Jurassic Park gets Lego makeover Each tier represents the biggest trend cake for each decade. See Mary Berry's eight-tier birthday cake