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Top Story Batman v Superman viral video: It's time to ditch Apple iOS for LexCorp's groundbreaking Lex OS LexCorp – building a greater tomorrow. Today. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
He changed his name from William Wood to Something Long and Complicated in 2007. Facebook blocked man with deedpoll name The X Factor stars go way, way back. See Caroline Flack's Grimmy throwback photo Moustaches, horse-drawn carriages, Victoriana... and of course that damn hat. Everyone is very excited by Sherlock's return Smartphone app lets you customise commands and set rival-thwarting timers. Smart dice roll when you snap your fingers Take that, Calvin Harris. 3-year-old DJ wows South Africa's Got Talent Players manage to get in-game characters dancing to 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'. Backstreet Boys video recreated in Destiny Where did her cheeky butt cheek go? Victoria's Secret has a major Photoshop fail Are you afflicted with RBF? If so, you're not alone. Does the Queen have Resting Bitch Face? Dwayne Johnson gives his reaction at being mentioned in Stephenie Meyer's new Twilight novel. The Rock pops up in gender-swapped Twilight "I rushed across to her and she was having the baby and had her legs open..." Brian Blessed bit through an umbilical cord If you've lost something recently, never fear - Hanks is here. Tom Hanks helps a student find her ID Card The McFly drummer posed topess to promote an 'Obfleshion - Eau de Walker'. Harry Judd is shirtless for Walking Dead advert Supervillain Lex Luthor believes "together we can build a better world". Hmm. LexCorp provides WiFi at New York Comic-Con Big Bang Fair's 'STEMojis' also include Dara O Briain, Rachel Riley and Carol Vorderman. See Richard Ayoade and Brian Cox as emoji See the martial arts master in action in this 30-minute compilation. Watch all of Jean-Claude Van Damme's kills Heaven knows the Prime Minister is miserable now... Johnny Marr denies Cameron gig tickets? "Let's have a toast for the douchebags, Let's have a toast for the assholes." See Seth Rogen perform Kanye karaoke Let's see The Penguin, Two-Face or Poison Ivy try to outrun this bat-tastic speedster. This Batmobile was made with 500k Lego bricks "I'm Mark Watney, and I'm stuck on Uranus." See Martian's Matt Damon stuck on Uranus There's a whole load of bad blood in this brilliant Late Late Show sketch. Moore & Corden star in Taylor Swift soap This wouldn't have worked quite as well with Robert De Niro, say. Jackman v Shaq in Phone Booth trivia game Adventures in time, space and LEGO. You can own Doctor Who's TARDIS - in LEGO This might be the most star-studded movie of the year. Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt make short film The company had been around long before the creation of its chief mascot. See the toys Nintendo made before Mario The future is now! Back to the Future's Pepsi Perfect is real Still not solved: how Joe Pesci wasn't dead by the end of the film. Home Alone plot hole FINALLY fixed You'll see what they mean. Bieber gets amazing segway dance cover Fly like an eagle... Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' son names penguin The Liverpool manager's been offed and Sky's star pundit can't quite believe it. Watch Thierry's Rodgers sack shock But that makes Mufasa Darth Vader, right? Disney meets Star Wars in awesome mashup You colour the page, actual magic does the rest. Really. Disney's mind-blowing app brings pics to life Trying to boldly go where no politician has gone before. Alex Salmond books flight under James T Kirk 'Will you be my player 2?' Watch an adorable video game proposal Not even Lenny Kravitz's penis was safe. Miley mocks the stars of summer 2015 in SNL Her appearance also reveals Bill Clinton's worst nightmare. Hillary Clinton cameos in SNL sketch He was a sk8er boy... Paul Hollywood shares the best photo of himself He IS Groot! Watch Morgan Freeman say "I am Groot" Which of these amazing stories is... a bold-faced lie? See Rogen play True Confessions with Wozniak Ghostbuster Leslie Jones gets some unique fashion advice. Miley gives you her fashion tips for SNL Bonus Graham Norton, Christopher Walken and Owen Wilson impersonations, to boot. De Niro loves Tom Hiddleston's impression