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Top Story A-ha! Alan Cartridge is possibly the best shop name ever A-ha! The Leeds printer company hits the back of the net. Alan Cartridge
Actress joins Billy Eichner in running up to strangers on the New York streets. Amy Poehler or Pitbull? Watch funny skit We round up ten of our favourite graphics from Troubled Mozza. Troubled Morrissey's Greatest Hits We seriously need to get our hands on some Star Wars Play-Doh. Star Wars Instagram: 13 ultimate geek pics The '90s dance smash gets a new lease of life thanks to Jonathan and Sadie. Watch the Haddaway bird dance-off Newsreaders in Tennessee are embarrassed by two furry friends. At it like rabbits in live news bulletin "What happened to my iPhone?" - Robert De Niro takes Vine by storm. Watch Robert De Niro struggle with Vine LEGOLAND in Manchester pile on the misery for sacked manager David Moyes. Taxi for Moyes? LEGO's cheeky tweet "Take your potty mouth with you young man" - Kay Burley bites back! Kay Burley takes on Twitter critics A mural of Tyrion Lannister is unveiled in Manchester by graffiti artist Akse. See Game of Thrones-themed graffiti art Flesh on screen and your parents in the room? HBO feels your pain. Sex on TV: Awkward to view with your mum Oculus Rift and Wii Balance Board used to create virtual reality experience. See clever Back to the Future hoverboard The acting titans see how much they know about each other in the classic game. Watch Stewart, McKellen play Newlywed The children's show marks half a century since it launched on BBC Two in 1964. Play School celebrates 50th anniversary New song 'Let it Go(T)' ponders the mysteries of the HBO fantasy series. Watch funny GoT, Frozen crossover video Dan Newbie uses 48 wine glasses and a frying pan to create the unique rendition. Listen to Super Mario theme on glasses Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem airs tonight (April 18) at 9pm on BBC Two. Watch new Honey Badger documentary clips The troublesome creature is the focus of a new documentary on BBC Two tonight. Meet the badger not as cute as he looks A new study reveals the artists whose lyrics are misheard the most. Osbourne, Lady Gaga most misheard lyrics Candice Swanepoel incites mass internet punning. Victoria's Secret star poses nude with cat Don't believe the myth. The '90s teen star isn't dead. In fact, he's back on TV. What happened to Kel from Kenan and Kel? The 21-year-old's response to the Purple Wedding was definitely the funniest. Jack Gleeson's Purple Wedding reaction The royal couple thrill members of the public at the Sydney Opera House. See Kate & Wills's awkward fan photos The Office stare machine resurrects your favourite cast member's wild emotions. The Office's funny stare machine Mike Amess says the sight of the Kardashians makes him "want to retch". Man has phobia of the Kardashians The BBC Radio 1 DJ renames himself Gregsza for the shot-for-shot remake. Watch Greg James in Kiesza parody The young royal is having a bilby housing enclosure named after him. Prince George given giant cuddly wombat Can you spot the hidden references and jokes in Toy Story, Up and Cars? Pixar releases Easter egg movie hunt The Screen Junkies team create a spoof trailer for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie. Watch the 'Honest' Wolf of Wall Street Move over, Ellen DeGeneres - here's Jet from Gladiators. Ultimate '90s selfie revealed on Twitter Jesse Pinkman doesn't want to answer the door to Anna in a new clip. Watch Breaking Bad vs Frozen mashup In latest 'Kids React To' video, children tackle '80s and '90s technology. Kids of today have no idea what a Walkman is Fans can now drink their very own Great Odin's Raven Special Reserve. Anchorman: Ron Burgundy scotch released How did your favourite movie and TV characters respond to that finale? Game of Thrones wedding: Watch responses Mad Men actor shows off his mad alphabet skills on the children's show. Watch Jon Hamm on Sesame Street The airliner's graphic reply to a customer complaint goes viral on Twitter. US Airways tweets photo of naked woman Would you turn down a date if you were threatened by Breaking Bad's Walter White? Watch Walter White help guy ask out girl Jimmy Car tucks into a uniquely-peeled banana on 8 Out of 10 Cats. Watch Rob Beckett's banana party trick The Breaking Bad star gives a couple the best festival photo ever. See Aaron Paul photobomb festival couple All the coolest, weirdest and most awesome remixes of the opening credits. 9 ace covers of the Game of Thrones tune The Hollywood actor throws some shapes alongside fellow festival-goers. Watch Leo DiCaprio's unique dance moves