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Top Story Watch Gary Neville perform with The Charlatans in Manchester Neville plays along to 1995 track 'Just When You're Thinking Things Over' on Friday (July 4). Gary Neville on stage for We Day UK
Who would have guessed that a white suit would set the internet alight? Best reactions to Eamonn's white suit Hannibal Buress dreamed of starring in Shark Week – but this promo is more like a nightmare. See Hannibal Buress's Shark Week promo Hoverbikes are here. And way cooler than you imagined. US Army wants 'Star Wars' hoverbikes Magic Mike star performs seven iconic dance moves in 30 seconds. Want to see Channing Tatum 'Voguing'? A fan creates some Lego dioramas based on famous comics covers from across the decades. Iconic comic covers recreated in Lego Public access television show Only In Monroe gets a new host - Stephen Colbert. See Stephen Colbert's weird Eminem chat Just when you thought the Batmobile couldn't get any more incredible… See the Dawn of Justice LEGO Batmobile Sony uses the Cymatic effect to give a beautiful visual representation of sound. Sony shows how powerful its new speaker is Paul Rudd blames his flatulence on a leather chair - but we're not buying it. See Paul Rudd fart through an interview This response to Kanye West's Glastonbury performance of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' will have you in stitches, too. Freddie Mercury laughs at Kanye in funny clip The actress likes to use the Clueless-inspired accent to stay anonymous in the US. Emilia Clarke has an amazing valley girl accent Look ma, now hands! Stephen Colbert reveals he's a scientific wonder in viral video. Stephen Colbert shows off Herculean strength A new crowdfunding page seeks €1.6 billion by the end of today. Could crowdfunding help out Greece? Watch what happens when Sony's Shuhei Yoshida gatecrashes an interview with Vlambeer's Rami Ismail. Sony boss does Hot Pepper interview Handshakes and fist bumps could replace data exchange via email if Apple gets its way. Apple wants high fives to replace business cards 4-year-old Violet has had quite enough of Siri's unsatisfactory responses. This little girl arguing with Siri is hilarious Would you be upset if your phone said you had no friends? Siri's Cookie Monster insult goes viral Pratt turns his imitating talents to the hardman, advertising his 'Jason Steakums'. Watch Chris Pratt impersonate Jason Statham Save your fingers with the Bricasso all-Lego printer which uses 1x1 plates. This Lego printer creates mosaic designs William Moseley tells DS how he came to compete. Which surprise celeb was on Ninja Warrior? It's been a very bad day for Donald Trump - and a very good day for comedians on Twitter. Best reactions to Trump's NBC firing EL James was simply trying to engage with her fans on social. That was her first mistake! 50 Shades writer's Twitter chat goes wrong Wannabe time travellers will be able get their hands on sonic device at Comic-Con. Get your own 12th Doctor screwdriver The star has described the stomach-turning stunt as the "scariest moment" of her life. Paris Hilton's horrifying plane crash prank Attempts to censor the rapper saw bizarre alterations to his explicit lyrics. BBC's Kanye subtitles are hilariously bad The comedian mocks the Supreme Court Justices who opposed the gay marriage ruling. Watch Stephen Colbert celebrate #LoveWins Karma is a bitch. Lee Nelson is Kanye's Glasto stage invader Kim posted a selfie of the pair with helicopter headphones as they head to the festival. Kim and Kanye fly to Glastonbury in style The popcorn and Eiffel Towers fly in another round of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's Headshots game. Wahlberg is awesome with a bow: Watch Not to be deterred by a manners scolding, the F1 driver thinks the British monarch is "really cool". Queen to Lewis Hamilton: 'Mind your manners' From next year you can own a jetpack if you're willing to shell out £95,000. The first commercial jetpack isn't cheap Reynolds shares an explicitly-worded tip on the key to telling the pair apart. How to tell Ryan Reynolds and Gosling apart Being a Disney Princess is mostly about sleeping with relatives and menstrual tracking, apparently. Being a Disney Princess is creepy Sports Illustrated writer gets properly taken down by the SNL duo. Amy Poehler has best defence of female sports The panellist whacks on the black and white paint ahead of interviewing the KISS frontman. See Nadia Sawalha as Gene Simmons An avid fan of the series saves up over 2,000 bottle caps to pre-order the game. Fallout 4 pre-ordered using bottle caps Bob, Stuart and Kevin conduct the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and visit Blue Peter. Watch Minions steal the TARDIS from the BBC Was Tom Holland born before or after the Spice Girls hit was released? Here's a pop culture quiz to take you down memory lane. Is new Spider-Man younger than 'Wannabe'? This might be our favourite bit of Terminator promo to date. Arnie gets brainstormed by Jimmy Fallon You can chill out on Jerry's battered sofa and speak through the intercom system. Seinfeld replica apartment opens to public