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Top Story Conan O'Brien starts Twitter war with Madeleine Albright, loses Comedian beaten by former US Secretary of State in online quip battle. Conan O'Brien
Bill Murray excuses himself from Late Show chat to "get a run in". Bill Murray leaves chat show for a run See the singer and actress wearing "c**ty" necklace on Good Morning Britain. Lisa Stansfield wears rude necklace on TV Gary Neville uses his Sky Sports wizardry to complain about Giggs's classic goal. Neville criticises Giggs 1999 wondergoal The actor (or his stunt double at least) busts a few moves on The Tonight Show. Check out Brad Pitt's breakdancing skills Celebrities audition to play the tennis star in a sketch for Stand Up To Cancer. Watch a preview of Andy Murray sketch See Holden and Nagini, Mary Berry, Strictly's Jake Wood at Harry Potter launch. Holden holds Nagini on Harry Potter tour Stumbling drunks look rather similar to a flesh-eating zombie, it seems. Watch The Walking Drunk spoof video The former striker watched the eighth film of his life during a flight home. Footballer Michael Owen 'hates' films See a mock cover for the latest instalment in Rand and Marybeth Elliott's book series. What happened to Amazing Amy after Gone Girl? See the loving shrine made by fans for Harry Styles's vomit on LA freeway. 1D fans make shrine for Harry Styles sick Mario, Zelda and GoldenEye completed at the same time in 51 minutes. Watch 3 N64 classics beaten in one hour Journalist: "I'm Hannah from The Guardian". Noel: "Oh dear." 15 funniest Noel Gallagher Q&A moments An officially licensed dancing Groot will hit the shelves this Christmas. Marvel to release dancing baby Groot toy Sesame Street icon helps give everyone life advice for the Socktober charity drive. Watch Grover and Kid President's pep talk It looks like young Charlie Kristina is having the time of his life. Dirty Dancing kid goes viral on Facebook Tommy Refenes spends more than 6 hours walking the GTA 5 map. Team Meat walking GTA 5's map for charity "I always wanted to know what it felt like to get a pie in the face," quips Hollywood star. See Jada Pinkett Smith get hit with a pie From Software reveals which Dark Souls 2 bosses players struggled with the most. Dark Souls 2 reveals 'hardest bosses' Things get awkward when comedy legend John Cleese mocks Taylor Swift's cat. Watch John Cleese insult Taylor Swift's cat Clip of school kids spitting bars becomes a sensation after Aggro Santos shares. Playground rap battle goes viral The maverick footballer has been separated from his beloved micro pig. Mario Balotelli's pig denied entry to UK The classic word game receives "sleeker, smarter and more social" update. Words With Friends relaunched with updates Outside of the zombie apocalypse, they don't scrub up too bad. When the Walking Dead cast go glam Move over Mark Kermode! Amazon Movie Reviews is home to the harshest critics. Amazon Reviews: Our new favourite Twitter feed Post in Simpsons fan group gives a mob a bad name, with over 1000 comments so far. D'oh! Simpsons Facebook post goes viral White space streaming could be used to easily send data if Google tests are a success. Meerkats are stars of new tech test 'Troublemaker' singer seems to be the only star to dress up for fright night at Thorpe Park. Olly Murs looks terrifying for Fright Night Janette Manrara confesses to Lucy Beale's murder. Strictly dancer killed Lucy Beale? An email reading simply "Bello!" has become an internet sensation. #bellogate: One-word email goes viral Find out the incredible way Google's Street View explored the Liwa Desert. Google uses camels for Arabian Street View Forget F1 - this is the future. Drone racing is real, and it looks awesome Dennis and Gnasher are fronting an exhibition in the station. The Beano takes over St Pancras station After seven complaints, the BBC Twitter account appears to have cleaned up its act. Is Bake Off innuendo being axed? Celebrities try to match the Ice Bucket Challenge with a #wakeupcall craze. Waking up with Tom Hiddleston looks like this Balloon artist Brian Getz recreates an iconic rocket from the series. 30ft balloon model of Thunderbirds 3 created A scary cacophony of yellow and that theme song. All 554 Simpsons couch gags in one video Bearzly finished the game with only 92 deaths in less than ten hours. Dark Souls 2 beaten with Rock Band guitar Following #BendGate, the iPhone 6 is now accused of ripping out users' hair. iPhone 6 faces new #hairgate criticism The singer performs the song at the iconic Central Perk coffee shop. Colbie Caillat sings 'Smelly Cat' Sinitta, the master herself, gives the Xtra Factor host a helping hand with dance routine. Sinitta teaches Sarah-Jane to be 'So Macho'