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Top Story When Chris Pratt asked fans to design him a new cover photo, they responded with glee When the actor announced he wanted a fan-made cover photo, people responded pretty eagerly. Chris Pratt on The Graham Norton Show
Get your mind out of the gutter! We're talking shrubbery. JK Rowling's bush trimming is a sensation That's a heck of a right cross, Jimmy Fallon! Is Jimmy Fallon the real Southpaw? The themed boots come with guêtres akin to the ones donned by Venom Snake. Puma is making Metal Gear Solid 5 boots This Morning co-host explains he was in fact using "studio language" rather than the foul kind. Eamonn Holmes denies flicking the V on TV It's time to bring back some table manners, starting with those non-stop messaging lovers. Shame dinner guests with phone holster placemats The train in the game's 'Broken Steel' add-on is actually an arm piece. What's really powering Fallout 3's train? Winter is coming… and so is season two of James Franco's Making a Scene. See James Franco as Jon Snow on the Iron Throne Sing along now: "Two steps forward, two steps back…" Corden & Abdul remake 'Opposites Attract' Cheryl strikes out on a Segway. But remember, she's 'Only Human'. Don't ever let Cheryl on a Segway again Do Riley and her emotions sit nicely alongside Toy Story, Up and the rest? Does Inside Out fit into The Pixar Theory? Where it's going, you don't need roads... or a definite on-sale date. Flying heli-car hybrid is a real-life DeLorean Seems to go "Noah Ware".... Tainted Love done in Tweets is ingenious Guilty Gear Xrd player suffers a humiliating defeat at this year's esports event. Evo player celebrates too early, then loses You're having a bad day when even Google Street View is taking your wife's side. Google Street View helps wife bust husband X Factor judge shared a picture of herself with a young Grimmy back in 2003. Can you believe this is Nick Grimshaw? Presenting your NSFW moment for today, courtesy of BBC Breakfast. Bill Turnbull drops c-bomb on live TV Twitter has removed background from all user accounts, and the internet isn't happy. This is why Twitter now looks really boring A girl falls from her three-floor high apartment with only a broken arm, thanks to landing on her Minion toy. Minion toy softens child's fall out of window An unimpressed fan or an overexcited one: either way, J Cole got a new phone out of it. J Cole gets hit with a phone, so keeps it Sepp Blatter surprisingly doesn't look happy having lots of cash thrown at him. Watch Lee Nelson prank FIFA Sepp Blatter The Harry Potter actor takes to the stage with his girlfriend Erin Darke. Radcliffe is the Real Slim Shady at karaoke The 11th Doctor and companion Clara Oswald are airbrushed on the car's bonnet. Time Lord it up the motorway in a Doctor Who BMW JK Rowling says that the BBC Two show is the only programme Vernon enjoys. Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon loves Top Gear The singer encourages Alfonso Ribeiro to shake off a bad putt by breaking out some of his best moves. Watch Justin Timberlake do 'The Carlton' JK Rowling also reveals the date of Luna Lovegood's birthday. It turns out Hogwarts isn't a private school Can you name all of the celebs in this video for makeup artist Magali? Watch makeup artist transform into celebs A serious discussion of Sherlock Holmes turned into absolute madness. See Ian McKellen playing a gorilla Fans can also take a break from demon slaying to play a bit of Wolfenstein. Play Doom within Doom with this new mod Our favourite knights read Swift's hits 'Bad Blood' and 'Blank Space', and it's every bit as amazing as you'd expect. Stewart, McKellen have fun covering Taylor The Late Late Show with James Corden turned into a beatboxing jam session last night. See James Corden and Cat Deeley beatbox We want one of those 'Paul Rudd Rocks' T-shirts… Watch Paul Rudd heckle Seth Meyers on TV The Swedish Hulk smashes Ikea furniture, and Saudi Black Widow can legally drive a car! Meet Conan O'Brien's foreign superheroes The duo test their acting versatility in another round of the Tonight Show's 'Emotional Interview' segment. Watch Amy Schumer's 'emotional' interview "I'm struggling with the pressure. Literally, I'm cracking already." Poor Daniel! See Daniel Radcliffe as a receptionist Don't ask Siri to charge your mobile "100%" or you may alert the emergency services. Asking Siri to charge phone dials the police "I should have Googled it before I got it tattooed on my body forever." Jennifer Lawrence knows her tat is wrong Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell calls on a friend to win an epic Marvel Dubsmash war. How Hayley Atwell won epic Dubsmash battle Jimmy Fallon gets to the bottom of some pretty weird claims from his SNL co-stars. Was Tina Fey mistaken for a hooker? De La Soul also gets an X-Men makeover for Marvel's Hip-Hop Variants. Marvel turns Iron Man into 50 Cent The popstar tugs at the heartstrings to upend NFL great Deion Sanders in the musical challenge. Bieber is in tears for Lip Sync Battle video