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Top Story Watch Gary Neville perform with The Charlatans in Manchester Neville plays along to 1995 track 'Just When You're Thinking Things Over' on Friday (July 4). Gary Neville on stage for We Day UK
Did you know that the word 'twerk' actually dates back to 1820? Twerk and meh added to Oxford Dictionary Developer Techland says it's "jumping on the latest trend in game marketing". Dying Light pokes fun at Destiny, Red Bull The actor plays Magic Mike in a way you've never seen before. Tatum acts out kids' hilarious scripts Will Smith's son explains: "I felt as though I needed to protect everyone there." Why Jaden Smith wore Batman suit to Kim K's wedding Some nifty footwork isn't enough to hide the plate from keen-eyed viewers. Susanna Reid fails to hide her breakfast The run features three deaths, one instance of getting lost and one bit where baby Yoshi eats the goal tape. Watch a blindfolded man beat Super Mario Another Game of Thrones parody hits the web and goes viral. Game of Thrones meets Super Mario World This impression is all about the eyes. And the hair! See Maya Rudolph as Rachel Dolezal The mural is on display in London's Russell Square. See Ed Sheeran's awesome tickets portrait There's a Lego Movie showdown and a Mary J Blige cameo in new teaser. See Justin Bieber on Lip Sync Battle Is the guy from Rev *really* the new Spider-Man? Wait, Tom Hollander cast as Spider-Man? Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth makes a dangerous faux pas on live television. Fox News anchor hits man with axe on live TV And you thought being dumped by text message was bad. Binder app is the Tinder of breaking up The comedy writer and Jimmy Fallon take on the Wheel of Impressions. Seth MacFarlane does a scarily good Liam Neeson Watch the longest Tennis match in recorded history unfold in a clip from the comedy. Watch an ace trailer for 7 Days In Hell The model version of the event took took a team of Lego builders 720 hours to create. Glastonbury Festival gets a Lego makeover Red Band Society star and his Banshee actress wife involve social media in their baby announcement. Is this the cutest baby announcement ever? Following Apple Music's change of heart on artist payments, Twitter goes crazy for #DearAppleLoveTaylor. 7 other things people want Taylor Swift to solve Artist David Shrigley creates a new mascot that will haunt your dreams all week. Partick Thistle's new mascot is terrifying Carrot-topped users finally have a set of emoji to call their own. Ginger emojis finally arrive on mobiles Bryan Cranston makes an impromptu appearance at the Electric Daisy Carnival. Walter White is back... at a dance festival Jimmy Page, look away now... Madonna rocks out with Led Zeppelin cover Honest Trailers finally asks the tough existential questions about Toy Story. See Toy Story get sent up in Honest Trailer The 5 Live film critic is no fan of the big screen adaption of Entourage. Mark Kermode rips Entourage to shreds Applicants required to shout "I'm a Lannister! Suck me off!" Game of Thrones seeks man to "flash genitalia" The pair sing 'Fancy' and go shopping for wedding attire in the hilarious clip. Iggy Azalea joins Corden on Carpool Karaoke Sing along: "You get short and I get tall, we're just two James Taylors on a seesaw." Here are two James Taylors on a seesaw Severus Snape never sounded this silly before. Alan Rickman doing helium is very funny 'Comedian' Rafael Cortez is put in his place for making a Netflix junket awkward. OITNB stars shut down a sexist interviewer Funny video sees the Hollywood star terrifying the bejesus out of fans. Arnie pranking waxwork tourists is amazing Star is seen taking a quick 'Power' nap at North West's second birthday party. Kanye drifts off during Frozen sing-along Ceridwen Bumford has seen every episode and follows the plot using subtitles. Pobol y Cwm's oldest fan doesn't speak Welsh Who knew Big Boo had such an incredible singing voice? Watch Conan's funny David Bowie tribute Late Late Show host campaigns to become the next grand marshal of LA Pride. Watch James Corden play Musical Bears The actor will guide drivers home with his trademark Austrian drawl. You can now get directions from The Terminator It's one of 37 new emojis approved by The Unicode Consortium. Smiley face. A unicorn emoji is finally here "I, Stephen Colbert, will still be hosting The Late Show on CBS. Somebody has to, right?" Stephen Colbert's Trump spoof is amazing Ingenious comedy turns the villain into a cuddly heartthrob. GoT Ramsay is rom-com hero in fun video This is what you look like when you watch scary TV. Terrified Game of Thrones fans are hilarious "Donald Trump's ego is so inflated he might as well be the Hindenburg!" Cher lays into "obnoxious asshole" Donald Trump