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Man carves giant pumpkin into boat

Man carves giant pumpkin into boat

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A US man has transformed a giant pumpkin into a boat and will use it to paddle 150 miles down the Wisconsin River.

According to The Telegraph, JR Hildebrant's vessel contains enough room for a chair, a small propane heater and himself.

"The smell may get bad for a while," he confessed.

The journey, which is expected to take eight days, aims to raise money for a charity that sends children with special needs to destinations such as Disneyland.

In previous years, Hildebrant has won Wisconsin's Nekoosa Great Pumpkin Race, taking ten minutes to complete the 300-yard course.

John Flodstrom, who will help tow the boat at various stopping points along the river, said of his colleague: "I thought he was crazy. I give him a lot of credit for what he's doing but I'm glad he's in the pumpkin and not me."
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