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Meerkat Aleksandr Orlov gets six-book deal

Meerkat Aleksandr Orlov has signed a new book deal.

The mascot for comparison website comparethemarket.com and "founder" of rival comparethemeerkat.com will "write" six books about the characters from his home village Meerkovo, Russia.

Meerkat Aleksandr Orlov with his book A Simples Life

Orlov said: "I am very excite to announce new book deal, people say I remind them of a young William Shakesmeer, I never heard of him."

The books for Ebury Press follow Orlov's previous autobiography A Simples Life, which was released in 2010 and sold over 500,000 copies.

Andrew Goodfellow of Ebury Publishing said: "A Simples Life was the publishing story of 2010 and the nation's obsession with Aleksandr and all things meerkat continues to grow with over half a million books sold so far.

"We are looking forward to the same mix of fun and success that we enjoyed with Aleksandr last time."

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Watch a Compare The Meerkat advert below:

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