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Chinese house that stood in middle of two roads is demolished

The Chinese house that stood defiantly in the middle of two roads for over a year has been demolished by bulldozers.

Initially the five-storey house stood tall as two roads were built around it, as owner Luo Genbao refused to move.

Resident Zhang Ling originally stated: "They didn't offer us enough compensation to leave, so we're staying."

House in the middle of road

© Rex Features / Imaginechina

Mr Luo, 67, said he had just finished the home at a cost of $95,000 (£59,286) and had been offered only $35,000 (£21,842) to move.

However, China's official Xinhua news agency has now reported that he finally accepted $41,000 (£25,601) to leave the premises.

The bulldozers came in after Luo and his family moved to a relocation area on Saturday morning.

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