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Girl's curling tongs accident goes viral - video

A girl's beauty tip video went viral this week after her curling tongs burned some of her hair off.

Florida middle school student Tori Locklear was filming a new tutorial about how to use a curling iron when the accident occurred.

Upon realising that her hair had melted off onto the tongs, she whispers: "Oh my God... You're kidding me".

Locklear has since created a Facebook page after her video's unexpected popularity, writing: "Hi I'm Tori Locklear! Yep, the girl who burned her hair off with the wand! That's me LOL."

She later explained what happened, saying: "So a hairdresser told me it was definitely the Tresemme spray I put on my hair!"

After being uploaded on February 18 and doing the rounds on Reddit, it has now been viewed over nine million times on YouTube.
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