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Woman recreates Hogwarts using 400,000 pieces of Lego

A woman has built a scale model of Hogwarts School, featured in the Harry Potter series.

Alice Finch, 38, used 400,000 pieces of Lego and spent 12 months building the replica, reports Orange.

Lego Hogwarts

© Rex Features / Alice Finch

Hogwarts Castle exterior

The model also features recreated scenes from the films throughout the rooms, including meal times in the Great Hall.

Lego Hogwarts

© Rex Features / Alice Finch

Gryffindor common room interior

Finch said: "It is designed to be architecturally accurate and completely playable.

"There are about 10,000 bricks just in the big central staircase to give you a sense of scale.

"At one point I over-stressed my knees by leaning over my work table for hours upon hours and I've worn off my fingerprints several times."
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