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Car thief caught after appearing on 'The X Factor'

A car thief has been caught and charged after she was spotted on The X Factor.

Paige Flaherty, 19, auditioned for the 2011 series of the ITV reality show as part of unsuccessful girlband Twisted, but a pedestrian who she hit and bruised with a stolen pink Mini in Newcastle saw her and called police.

Twisted audition for the X Factor


Paige Flaherty (far left) with Twisted on 'The X Factor'

The vehicle belonged to Twisted bandmate Katie Orrock. Though unconfirmed to be the same car, Twisted can be seen getting out of a pink Mini during the episode that aired on September 10, 2011.

Flaherty's incident with the pedestrian happened a couple of weeks earlier on August 29. Flaherty gave him incorrect contact details, reports the Daily Mail.

The singer pleaded guilty at South Tyneside Magistrates' Court to stealing a vehicle and driving with no insurance.

Also in 2011, a fugitive in China was caught after appearing on a dating show.

Watch Twisted's audition on The X Factor below:

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